Witch Color is My Favorite?

Well dam Cindy, lookin very witchy here! Haha. Looking at my past posts, you probably think I like to wear only bright and colorful pieces. Or you would think I like to wear pink a lot since it’s my favorite color. But actually, when I choose a black outfit, I like to go all black everything. Today, I’m styling this lovely Tobi dress. If you click on the link, you might notice that I styled the straps a bit differently than the original model. I like they way they styled it too, but for this outfit I decided to do it this way.

The main reason I chose to tie the straps this way was to leave room for me to wear a chokers. If you know me, I can never get enough of chokers. And I really wanted to wear this cool holographic choker that matches my holographic earrings, both from Forever 21. When I wear an all black ensemble, I tend to lean towards wearing silver or very shiny accessories. I want those pieces to stand out a lot. 🙂

As you can see, this dress is not form fitting. So it is extremely, super duper comfy. And the material is very flowy, making it easy to wear in warm temperatures. But since the sleeves are very long, it is also suitable in cooler temperatures when going out at night. Even though it’s not a form-fitting dress, it still gives a seductive feel to it because of the off-the-shoulder detail and the plunging neckline.

I thought these sexy, strappy stilettos were a great way to complete my outfit. These heels still look hot even with a short heel. I got these babies for such a steal from the Lolashoetique sample sale. Chloe and I have been going to a lot of sample sales lately to find really great things for such an affordable price. You guys should check out if there’s any sample sales around you!

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  1. Kristen

    Your shoes!! And cold shoulder + bell sleeves! Love this look!

    xo Kristen

  2. Veena

    Those are some killer shoes!! and the pop of pink is all that the outfit needed to give it an edge!

  3. bridget

    love those shoes, and your hair, this whole look tbh

  4. Dalal

    You’re wearing an LBBD too! Love it

  5. Moe

    Love this look!! The shoes look great with that dress. Love the pairing!

  6. Sarune

    All black outfits always add more edge to an outfit. Looking good! And the pink hair such a cool contrast 🙂

  7. Latasha Peterson

    Such a cute dress! I love the black and your hair with the hint of pink! 🙂

  8. Helene

    How fabulous! Love the hair and everything black.

  9. Julia Ann

    Love this look. Really makes the pink pop!

  10. mayra

    I love the witchy vibe you are serving here! 😉 The shoes are definetly perfect for the look and over all make it amazing! I am coveting this look <3

  11. kasey

    Love this! My closet is mostly black and this dress is so cute!!

  12. Danielle

    Forget the dress. Those shoes! I need a pair of those in my own closet.

  13. Natasha Botkin

    Love the play on words and the outfit. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  14. Lisa

    I love this! It looks great on you and I also love how flowy the dress is. This is something I’d wear myself.

  15. Darrian

    What a great basic black dress! I love all of the details and the way you styled it.

    The title of this post made me laugh because I legit can’t tell anyone what my favorite color is


  16. Laila

    This look is fire! It gives me major AHS Coven vibes… Love, love, love!

  17. Nelofar Shaik

    According to my view, I liked the way you carried your look. Your complexion + Black dress with contrast colored hair – Just sober and simple.

    I find the shoes a bit distractive. They are too good.

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