Valentine’s Day Sweethearts

 Valentine’s Day is about loveflowers, chocolate, and hearts. Of course, we can’t forget about the best colors of them all, pink and red. This day is an excuse for us to bring out those cute pieces we’ve always wanted to wear! These outfits are what we might wear for this very heartsy day.

I might not have set plans for Valentine’s Day but I’m here to dress up for it anyways! Instead of going for a straight up pink outfit, I decided on this pastel lavender romper from Missguided. The sexy and simple cut in front creates a choker at the top and also the plunging neckline isn’t too deep that I’d have to wear something underneath. What I really love about rompers is that it’s only one piece. Sometimes I’m pretty lazy in trying to figure an entire outfit out, so I’ll always opt to wear a romper or a jumpsuit. This romper look would be perfect for any fancy day, if you switch it up with flats it would be perfect for a more casual look.

To accessorize, I wore these white fur ball earrings I bought from eBay. Over this past year, I purchased so many little fur ball earrings I almost have one of each color. What really sold me on these cotton ball look alike earrings are their somewhat retro look!  I would definitely wear these earrings with a deep red lippie and with a bun updo. What are some of your favorite earrings to wear?

So I bought this dress recently on sale from Forever 21 but did not know when to wear it. But what’s a more perfect day then Valentine’s?! What caught my eye about this dress was the neck detail. The light ruffle crossing towards the middle including the spaghetti straps made this dress’ detail very unique. Also, please excuse the wrinkles on my dress, oops.

For accessories, I went with simple studs because there was a lot of floral patterns on my dress already. I wore red rose studs and a fake(hah!) cartilage clip. And of course, what is a date without some rich red lipstick? 😉

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious, but these are Valentino knock offs LOL. These knock offs are pretty much everywhere now since the style is just irresistible! I got these pair at a very affordable price from the one and only, Aliexpress. The height was very comfortable that even I could wear it with my barely healed ankle!

Sorry these might have not been very inspirational since they were very simple outfits. But these outfits were what we would really wear for Valentine’s! If you need help in deciding what to wear, don’t hesitate in asking us in the comments below! We will reply as soon as possible! Otherwise, hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Angela

    You look great in the Forever 21 dress! I tried it on when I saw it in stores and it didn’t fit right on me 🙁 Great post <3

    Angela | Go Gypset

  2. Elle

    Those shoes are amazing!

  3. Jenna

    I’m still debating what to wear for Valentine’s Day dinner! These are very cute ideas.

  4. Chrissie

    I love the dress and the shoes. Wish I could wear them right now. But it’s way too cold here for that.

  5. Natalie

    This shoot looks like fun! I love the little details, and those pom pom earrings are so fun!

  6. Summer

    Great dress! And love those red hearts!

  7. Jacqueline

    Loving how you paired that floral dress with edgy shoes.

  8. Mary Jane

    That floral print is perfect! I want to start working more floral patterns into my life. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  9. shevy

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you. That’s a cute outfit. I decided to wear pink inner top today with a while jacket. Hope you’re having a beautiful day

  10. ShootingStarsMag

    Really cute looks! I’m pretty simple with outfits, so I love that neither of you went too crazy. Cute!


  11. Lydia

    You two are the cutest. Love your Valentine’s Day looks, so fun!!!

    Lydia |

  12. anja

    You re so cute! Like your outfit!

  13. Ewa

    Also, I like pink, great dresses.

  14. Izzy

    Such a cute post!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!

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