Valentine’s Day Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We welcome you to tonight’s epicenter of the fashion world for the featured bout of the evening! SO LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

On the left side fighting in a fluffy baby blue outfit we have Chloe! On the right side fighting in a soft pink dress, Cindy!
Let’s have a clean fight tonight. Give us your best war faces and let’s begin!



I believe this fluffy baby blue crop top and mini skirt set from Missguided is exactly the type of outfit you need to wear for Valentine’s Day. It’s incredibly cute and soft exterior will make your beloved want to sidle up to your side. After all, every girl knows that fuzzy detailings emits extra love and warm feelings.


This casual yet chic outfit is great to go anywhere, especially since it’s not too over the top. It’s cute enough to wear on a little date with your significant other and comfortable enough to to be fashionable while hanging out during the day.


Fuzzy pieces have always been an obsession of mine. Such fuzzy clothes have appeared as early as the 90s, and have been popping up a lot if you’ve been following grunge fashion. It’s definitely not going away anytime soon.


These lacquer yin and yang earrings I’m wearing are from eBay. Surprisingly, eBay has a ton of cool things to buy, so it’s definitely a great place to shop for unique items.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the concept of yin and yang, these are two forces that harmonize and balance each other. Their very natures state that one cannot exist without the other. If that isn’t romantic I don’t know what is!


I decided with to go with these black suede lace-up flats from Aliexpress. I especially love these shoes for two reasons: suede and the lace-up detailing. As I spoke in my last post, suede is definitely the in-material this season. While suede is very comfortable, durable, and stylish just be aware to keep them away from water. Suede and other forms of leather are easily damaged by water.



While soft and fuzzy materials may give you the feeling of love, soft and flowy chiffon gives you the right air of class and confidence to step up your date night game. This halter maxi dress from Forever 21 emits just the right sort of blush-pink color perfect for Valentine’s Day.


For any girl, the first thing on their mind when they think of Valentine’s is what to wear for THE fancy dinner. Halter style dresses exude formal vibes while the open back allows me to add some sensuality to my outfit. Time to give that sexy back 😉


I also love love LOVE the black lace accents of the dress! Lace was popularized in the Victorian era, and continues to be a staple within women’s fashion. As lace can seem both sweet and sexy, it helps draw the eyes towards the hips and shoulders on this dress.


Creating a look that isn’t too plain or too flashy is key to achieving an air of elegance, which is why I decided to leave out arm and hand accessories for these beautiful statement earrings from Forever 21. The pink gemstone has the same light shade as the dress, giving the entire look a good sense of flow.



If you saw these heels alone, you’d think they were for a more bold outfit because of the edgy criss-cross straps. But I thought they went well with my outfit, replicating the black lace that accentuated my dress while the black patent material of the shoes brought the needed shine to the complete this outfit.



Of course, if you haven’t guessed by now, we aren’t really fighting at all. We actually love each other very much and will be going on a best friend date for Valentine’s Day. So what plans have you made for Valentine’s Day? Please do leave us a comment below, we hope we gave you some lovely ideas for your special day.


Chloe and Cindy



P.S. Some bonus pictures for you lovelies.

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  1. Cindy

    Love you boo!

  2. Brianna

    In love with both of your outfits and great suggestions! I think Chloe’s is great for the the day and Cindy’s for the night.

  3. Chloe

    Hey there, Brianna! Thank you! Glad you love them 🙂

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