Trying Out a New Style – Contemporary

This week I decided to try something very new for me by going contemporary.  If you’re questioning yourself about what contemporary even is, contemporary fashion is any outfit which exhibits a new or modern look.  Think of clothes you’d see on the runway, but more practical. The inspiration for this look came from the most recent Hard event, Day of the Dead. While I was tirelessly walking from set to set to try and catch all my favorite DJs, I spotted a girl wearing a sexy mesh-slit maxi hoodie with some badass lingerie underneath. At that very moment, I knew I had to find something like that ever since. Unfortunately, the closest thing I could find was this mesh maxi tee from Forever 21.


Although, this isn’t the same maxi mesh hoodie I saw from Day of the Dead, this was similar enough for me. I thought it would be a great way to incorporate rave fashion into my everyday life. Underneath the mesh maxi tee, I wore a caged bralette from Victoria’s Secret. For the bottoms, I threw on a pair of black cotton leggings also from Forever 21.  I adore this look because I finally have an outfit to go with my witch powers.


Since it was such a sunny day and my Conjure Cloud spell wasn’t working, I decided to wear my heart-shaped rainbow reflective sunglasses from Forever 21. Because I have a crazy obsession with all things hearts, these sunglasses are a necessity.


Lastly, I went with these all over spiked loafers from Aliexpress. I kept this outfit fairly simple because these pair of hell-raising loafers are a statement piece and perfect for a level 1000 witch like me. FYI , it will definitely hurt if you give someone a good kick.

Come back next week for Cindy’s part!

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  1. Rachel P

    Cool outfit! Love the mesh shirt but it seems like a hard piece to mix and match with a lot of other clothes. JW, how else would you style this shirt?

    1. Chloe

      Thanks! Yeah, it really is a hard piece to mix and match with. In another outfit, I would wear it with a regular black bodycon dress inside with a pair of converse. Then to dress it up even more, add a bunch of accessories.

  2. Wesley I

    Damn the chick to the right in the first picture looks thug af

    1. Chloe

      Haha! Thanks!

  3. Kelly K

    Those loafers are badass

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