Bye Rain, Hello Sunshine: Our Transition to Spring

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We are so ready for Spring to come! Here are some fun transitional outfits we pulled together. This week, both of us decided to give a little cold shoulder with an off-the-shoulder look. 😉 We’re finally getting some sunshine here after weeks of heavy rain!

Maaaaan do I have a cankle! So sad haha. But my ankle is still healing, hopefully it will be back to normal soon!

I love the sun and even more, the sunshine. This top immediately reminded me of the sun itself and flowers blooming brightly under the sunshine. The lace gives any outfit a girly touch. I then made my outfit a bit more sophisticated with this knee length pencil skirt with a side slit. I love this Forever 21 skirt so much that I bought it in two colors!

Since my neck was bare, I had to accessorize with a choker. I went with this lace up choker that you probably might have seen everywhere. I got this one for only 2 BUCKS on aliexpress. And since my ankle was still sensitive during this time, I just went with some simple brown flats to complement the other colors of my clothes.

Neither of us have a crazy hat collection, but it’s slowly growing! We recently received some lovely hats from Dynamic Asia. They carry almost every hat imaginable. Of course, both of us need to match somehow, so we decided on these floppy felt hats because they’re super versatile for any weather. These hats are a great transitional piece because they’ll keep your head warm and will provide lots of shade with it’s wide and floppy brim.

I’m all about those silky textures lately because they feel so smooth on my skin and the material looks so luxurious. So when I saw this dress on Aliexpress for such a steal, I couldn’t resist getting it. Silky textures are amazing because they’re so easy to work with (except for all those wrinkles, lol). You can easily dress silky materials up or down depending how you decide to style it.

Catch ya guys later!!


  1. I love the silky dress, so pretty. And the colours! I think I’m ready for Spring… I just wish it would warm up

    1. Author

      Hi Jenny! Thanks so much! Haha! I feel the same way, so ready for the warm weather!

  2. Beautiful outfits. I love the yellow top. Definitely looks like spring. I love shopping at F21. The choker from aliexpress is also cute. The hat also compliments the entire outift 🙂

  3. Although I do love the snow and winter, I am sooo over this fluctuating weather. It might as well stay Spring at this point! That choker on look one is sooo cute!! I’ve recently started wearing them myself (late bloomer, I know). You both are so put together and I love all the pops of color!

  4. I LOVE that yellow on you. After a long winter of drab and boring monotones, it’s refreshing to see some real vibrant colors!

  5. I love the whole outfit and the yellow top is really gorgeous. I really wish that spring could be that beautiful in the UK, but it is always raining!

  6. Ahh! You guys are so stylish!! I think I’m behind on the times, I need to get myself some off the shoulder tops lol

    Great post, I’m so ready for Spring! 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole! Haha! Definitely not! Yes, they’re so fun and flirty to wear and perfect for Spring! 🙂

  7. Transition times are always a challenge. One day chilly, the next warm! Love the way you’ve chosen to handle the situation. Great looks, and fabulous photos!

  8. I love yall’s style. My hat collection has been growing too lol I want them all!

    So cute you guys!

    xo, Milan

  9. Oh my gosh, you two are adorable. Love the clothes, especially the blue dress. Would look great on my teenage daughter.

  10. I am loving both of these looks I love the way the off the shoulder blouses are matched with a choker and a floppy hat! Totally gives a very boho grunge look!!!!! LOVE THIS <3

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