Fun In the Closet Adventures in Tokyo, Japan!

        After our trip to Seoul, our next destination was to Tokyo! Both of us were extremely excited to go to Tokyo since we have always dreamed of visiting Japan. We were very hyped up by all the food and attractions that were popping up on our Facebook feeds. The weather in Tokyo was much more humid than Seoul. After walking outside for a bit, our skin felt so sticky and wet from the humidity. Looking through these photos really makes us miss our time on this trip.

We did a LOT of walking in Tokyo since taxis cost an arm and a leg compared to Korea. On this day, we were able to visit parks and all the shrines that we were close to. One mistake we made was not bringing open toed shoes that were good for walking. We brought comfortable sneakers but still wanted our feet to feel more airy. We bought these comfy holographic sandals at Shibuya 109!

One of the next stops for us was the Meiji Shrine. The architecture looked amazing and the atmosphere was very serene. When we arrived, the sun was about to go down so the bugs were making a lot of noises and it was getting dark fast. But still, our walk through Meiji Shrine was very dreamy.

Here is another shrine we saw while walking around in Tokyo. Japan is full of shrines at every corner you turn!

O-M-G. I was in doggy heaven!!! We were finally able to visit the long awaited doggy cafe! We were planning to visit one in Seoul, but we had too many things to do there and so little time left. But thankfully Japan was also full of themed cafes! This cafe we went to cost about $10 for an hour. I missed my babies back home so much, it was a temporary relief to just touch some furry babies.

KIMONO TIME!!!!!!!!! Or more like yukata time, haha! Here we are at the infamous Senso-ji Shrine in Asakusa! There were a bunch of tourists and people who also rented yukatas like us! I guess we looked so dam good in our yukatas or we just looked that legit that at least 5 tourists requested to get our photos taken! When they found out we were from Los Angeles they were so shocked, lol!!

Aren’t the bows on our obi so cute! I loved how it was two shades of color on one sash.

AHHHH!!!! MOM I’M FINALLY WEARING A KIMONO! I mean yukata haha! Of course, I had to go with a pink theme. There were so many pink yukatas to choose from. In the end, I decided to go with this one with a large floral print with a black background. The colors matched my hair perfectly.

I have always dreamed of wearing these hair ornaments in my hair! This ornament matched my pink hair so much it just blended right in lol!

I wish people would wear kimonos or yukatas in the states! These were just TOO cute!! I would wear them here in LA if I could. I was really tempted to buy this Little Twin Stars themed yukata I saw in a Sanrio store. But I just didn’t know where to wear it! 🙁

There were kimono options but it was a bit pricier and yukatas are worn more often in the summer because of the lightweight fabrics. This was such a fun experience because it was a Sunday(the day people went to temples) when we went and a lot of people were wearing their yukatas as well. So, when we visited the Senso-ji Shrine, so many people wanted to take photos with us in our yukatas.

I would usually go with something all pink but I ended up choosing this yukata with yellow and red flowers. I felt like the color and print had a very mod vibe to it. So I ended up with this one, since I wanted to try something different.

Of course for the hair accessory I wanted something to go with the color scheme of my yukata and I a little dangle detail. There were many options for the hairstyle, but with I decide to go with something more simple. The ladies at the kimono shop helped me put my hair into a simple tight bun with my bangs left in the front to frame my face.

There was so much soft serve in Asakusa! We were literally eating them all day long since it was so hot and it was so good!

DAMN. Does this looks good or what?! This photo is so crisp I could taste this soft serve through the screen! LOL

After we turned in our yukata rentals, we walked some more in Asakusa. That’s when we stumbled upon this cafe. It was an owl cafe! When we went inside, we realized it was more than an owl cafe. They had capybaras, meerkats, a cockatoo, parrots, fishes, and even flamingoes! There were soooo many beautiful owls. They were not tied down, and they flied freely. They were very friendly and super soft! I wish we had some of these awesome cafes in the states!

Finally! Chloe and I FINALLY had Japanese omurice. Man was this thing jiggly! It was so creamy and cheesy, it just filled our mouths with warmth and comfort. I don’t know about Chloe, but I think I could have had seconds!

Another day, we had lunch near the beach. All the restaurants sold fish plates, unfortunately Chloe dislikes fish lol. So she had a tofu salad, which looked good as this fish donburi I had. It was filled with these little flavorful fishies. Everything was just so delicious!

Don’t worry, this isn’t our first bowl of ramen in Japan. In many restaurants, we noticed a vending machine type of ordering. You choose the flavor you want, put in your money, and press the button. You then give the ticket to the chef and wait for him to make your order. Sounds cool and fun right? Except too bad, we can’t read any Japanese… haha! We tried to use google translate, but usually people start lining up after us so we have to hurry! Bummer! Be prepared if you ever go!

If you’re ever in Tokyo, you need to go to Bondy and try this curry out! The curry was incredibly flavorful and the meat was super tender. They also give you a side of two potatoes to have with your curry. They weren’t just plain old potatoes though, they were very delicious as well with some butter! I remember it took us FOREVER to find this place because it was on the 2nd floor and the entrance was through an alleyway. The whole search and walking was totally worth it though! 🙂

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  1. Gigi

    Your pictures are amazing! The next place on my travel list is Tokyo. I’m hoping to go after I graduate. 🙂

  2. Meg Cale

    Your photos are so gorgeous! I loooovvee the kimonos. They look so beautiful on you.

  3. Oh to Be a Muse

    I’ve visited a few countries in Asia, but have yet to go to Japan (except for the Tokyo airport which doesn’t count). Thanks for sharing these fab photos.

  4. Gillian

    Babe, thank you for sharing . Your picture really captured the beauty of the place. I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo.

  5. La Shell

    I dream of the day I can make it to Japan. I love that blue dress! Also the food looks so good! Great pictures!

  6. Russian vacations

    Oh nice photos. Japan is my dream destination. I bet that was amazing to get to see this in real life.

  7. Oh wow, what a fabulous trip! Your kimonos or yukatas are absolutely beautiful! I wish people would them in the United States, too. They are so gorgeous and I have always been fascinated by Japanese fashion. Such a great post with so many amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Shannon

    You girls look amazing in your kimonos, I can totally see why people wanted to take your pictures! Looks like you had an amazing trip.

    Clothes & Quotes

  9. Denise

    Love this! I am moving to Korea next year with the goal of doing a lot of travel around Asia. I look forward to being able to replicate your adventure. 🙂

  10. Amy J Mane II

    I love your kimonos, the part where taxi costing arm and leg is very funny but I think it was a good idea for you guys to do street travel rather than using a car because the things you saw on the streets while walking you were not going to be able to see them or take a picture while in a car

  11. Brooke

    Love reading about your adventures! You both look lovely in your Yucatas! I also would love to visit that doggy cafe, how fun!

    pumps and push-ups

  12. Katya

    You ladies both looked so cute with your Kimonos. Tokyo is really a diverse place and has an amazing

  13. Anindya Rakshit

    Lovely post…..beautiful pictures……wonderful to know about Japan….:)

  14. Marcela

    I have really enjoyed in your post. I’ve heard so much about tokyo , but I’ve never been there. It look like you have an amazing trip with a lot of fun!

  15. Joe Cloud

    Awesome pictures… love them. The food seems great.

  16. mishall

    Wow such an amazing experience you had now I Wana go there too. You looked gorgeous in yukata and such mesmerizing pictures I am truly overwhelmed. Lots of Love.

  17. Gabrielle

    You look amazing in the colourful Yukatas! Ah, you can almost tell how hot and humid it is there through your photos; the woodland walk (shown a few photos down into the post) looks amazing and with such a great atmosphere.

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