Jazzing Up a Simple Summer Dress!

Hey guys, this week I’m sharing with you a dress that I recently received from TOBI.  I am really loving their wide range of dresses. While this is a rather simple Summer dress, I’ll share with you my favorite ways to jazz up a simple Summer style. 🙂

Ladies First Shift Dress

What I really love about this dress is the nice minty color and lace details. The lace runs along the top of this dress and the hem, giving it a feminine flare. I was super worried that the material of this shift dress would be too thin, but it came with two layers. This means you won’t see my panties through the dress, lol. So my favorite way to dress anything up is with different colors and textures. For this time around, I went with different color pom poms with a fuzzy texture. I went with some pastels because these cute and bright colors are perfect for the Summer.

Lastly, I went with these pink fuzzy heels that play along with the textures. One trend that I’m super happy for are all of these shorter and comfy shoes. I’d definitely choose a comfy heel over any stilettos any day. Another fun shoe that would have gone really well with this look are some tasseled pom pom sandals. 😉

Hope you loved this fun and colorful Summer look this week! <3

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  1. Kristin

    Gimme those fuzzy shoes, girl! So cute. This would be a fun look for date night!

  2. Kasia

    1. Love that dress. So simple and easy to dress up or down. 2. Your hair color is to DIE for. Killing it girl!!


  3. Kate

    Loved this post!!! I’m so jealous of your hair and these shoes!

  4. Yvonne

    Love the pom poms! And I’m totally with on the comfy shoes! I avoid painful heels at all costs !

  5. Kasia

    Such a fun look here. Love the shoes and the necklace. Gorgeous!

  6. jean Lane

    The earings and the shoes! What a cool touch love it

  7. Sheila Price

    I love your outfit, but mostly I love your hair. Keep being you!

  8. Destiny A.

    The dress is cute!! I love the fur on the shoes too. The whole outfits look pretty on you!

  9. Ashley DTKAustin

    Girl. Your hair is AMAZING!!!!! Of course the dress is adorable on you but that hair! I’m in love!

  10. Francesca

    Literally everything about this look–from the necklace, to the pastel dress and those adorable furry sandals–is so FUN!!!! You’re rocking this look, girl! <3 🙂

  11. Bridget

    Oh my gosh, I have that dress. I’m def going to steal some of these styling tips

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