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Convenient Style: Rompers

I am amazed to say that there are articles on what women shouldn’t wear over a certain age, and the list included rompers! I first heard this from Chloe and

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Valentine’s Day Sweethearts

 Valentine’s Day is about love, flowers, chocolate, and hearts. Of course, we can’t forget about the best colors of them all, pink and red. This day is an excuse for us

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Culottes Cut Curtly

So I know this outfit seems very plain and basic compared to my usual stuff. But I was looking for something soft and loose fitting so I can move comfortably

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The Debut of One Legged Cindy

Hahahahahahahah….. so long story but kinda not really, I got into an accident. A skateboarding accident :(. I was trying to take this hill, but I was going too fast

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