Here’s one of my favorite crop tops from Forever 21! I love to use this one from everything from Coachella to day to day use. I am always a sucker for floral prints and I just love the vibrant colors on this top. The print and sleeves remind me of a kimono, comfy but cool.IMG_1965

There’s no mistaking these for cowboy boots. The simple black leather makes sure these boots hold a chic and urban look. I always try to look for sturdy pieces and these boots from H&M were perfect. The chunky heel gives a lot of height and plenty of comfort.

IMG_1955Since this top has loose sleeves and fabric, I thought a more fitting bottom would be best for the outfit. Shorts also give me much comfort to walk around and do whatever. If I did not pick these denim shorts, I would’ve chosen black shorts or leather shorts. I think either light or dark shorts would go well with this top.


How cute are these sunglasses?? I have been obsessed with mirrored sunglasses from Aliexpress lately and these are my go-to for everyday use. I can people watch without them knowing hehe. It also attracts a lot of attention because the mirrored effect on the lens give off a shiny sheen. I finished this outfit with a simple, cute necklace and large hoop earrings, both from Forever 21. I then chose a pop of color for my lips that matched my top perfectly.

Hope you like it!

Seeya next week!

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  1. Leisa Good

    This is really, really cute. I would never have thought to pair it with those boots. Nice job!

    1. Cindy

      Thanks! I think many pieces can be very versatile, you just have to think out of the box. These boots can be very formal looking with another outfit, that’s why I love them!

  2. Aisha

    I am OBSESSED with crop tops! This floral one is absolutely adorable! Love how you paired it with the boots!

    1. Chloe

      Hey Aisha! We LOVE crop tops too! Really hoping this trend never dies out! Hehe, thanks so much love! xoxo

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