Our Summer Adventure in Little Tokyo

A friend came over this last week, so we decided to spend the day in Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles just exploring the Japanese Village. It was really hot and crowded the day we went so we decided to dress very casually since there was going to be tons of walking around. I went with layered seafoam green chiffon tank and a pair of jean shorts from Forever 21. Cindy went with a cute polka dot floral romper also from Forever 21. We made sure that our outfits were simple, casual, and mostly comfy because there was tons of exploring and running around to do. Compared to all the other times we’ve been to Little Tokyo, this was the most crowded we’ve ever seen it, there were many people who were cosplaying since Anime Expo was going on.




Since it was so hot, we  decided to go to Mikawaya a ice cream place that specializes in Mochi gelato. We tried out many flavors and still ended up getting more ice cream we all know that little mochi balls aren’t going to satisfy our sweet tooth.


Since it was such a casual outfit with my lightweight flowy chiffon top, I had to spruce it up somehow. So I added these medallion feathered earrings that I got from Forever 21. When I saw these earrings at the mall I was like yeeeess, I love them, I neeed them, but the line was so long that I didn’t want to get in line for one pair of earrings, so I let them go. Skip forward  to a few week later, I saw them online and immediately got them. I have this crazy shopping ritual where I won’t get something and if I see it a second time it’s “fate” and I must get it, haha (I know I’m weird).

Lastly, I went with these brown lace-up flats from De Blossom Collection. I love that they’re super comfy and trendy. Since it was my first time wearing it and we had a lot of walking to do it did hurt a bit by the end of the day.


We took our time and went into all the cutesy shops  filled with all the cute knick-knacks that girls always dream about. Don’t you think all these plushies are sooooo cute?! There were countless stores with different types of plushies and all the cute stuff you could ever imagine.


There was this store full of clothes that look like they just came off the streets of Harajuku. I’m so crazy about Japan and all things Japan. I definitely want to visit one day and a stop on the streets of Harajuku is a must. I’ve always found the street styles of Tokyo to be so inspiring because there are so many subculture styles. People dress differently, they aren’t afraid to try out new styles, and they own what they wear.

Peace out! 🙂

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