The Striped Summer Jumpsuit

This week it’s all about jumpsuits since it’s beyond 100 degrees. Rompers and jumpsuits are one of my favorite things to wear because it’s simple. When it’s blistering hot in the Summer, I always opt for a lightweight and flowy piece instead of tight fitting, skin gripping fabrics. I definitely hope to inspire you to style your romper or jumpsuit in a fun way.

Stripes have been a HUGE trend this Summer. To be honest, I was never the hugest fan of stripes because of how plain and classic it looked. However, I feel like I’ve slowly grown to like this print since I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE in stores. I ended up wearing this jumpsuit from ZARA because it’s exactly what I feel would fit perfectly for Summer. I love the wide leg pant, which I feel like I rarely wear. So it’s nice to wear a loose pant style for a change.

Moon and Star Dangly Earrings

Since the neckline for this jumpsuit is very high, I decided not to accessorize with a necklace because I feel like it would clash with the print. Instead, I wore these moon and star dangly earrings I bought from Aliexpress. It was last year that I saw another blogger wear these earrings and I knew that I had to get them. I LOVE the intricate rhinestone embellishments. Plus, the moon and stars always reminds me of something witchy and celestial. These earrings are great to have if you have a simple outfit so you could jazz up the whole look.

I also decided to cut my hair recently, so I let all the pink from my hair wash out. I can’t wait till I get to color my hair again, hehe!

Poetic Licence – Splatter

Recently, we received shoes from Poetic Licence. I think their shoes are so unique and fun, they’re definitely different from your trendy and conventional shoe. These super cute, patterned and cutout heeled sandals are called “Splatter”. I think the different colored patterns are really cute, but what really sold me on this shoe was the cutout heels. I can’t get enough of how unique this style of heel is, because I’ve never seen something like this before. So if you have a very fun style, then you should definitely check out Poetic Licence.

I hope you love this simple Summer look! 🙂

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    1. Chloe

      Thanks so much! Hehe! Yes! I can’t get enough of their shoes especially!

      xo, Chloe

  1. Kiri

    Jumpsuits are so easy to wear.
    I need a new one for our summer when it starts – I loved my other one to death!
    I had to throw it out…
    Set to Glow

  2. Abi

    I really like the look. Stripes are really classic and look great on you

  3. Julia

    I love this jumpsuit!! I am obsessed with jumpsuits and have way to many!!

  4. Francesca

    Ahhh, everything about this jumpsuit is perfection! I’m also low-key (see: high-key) obsessed with those earrings. They’re so fab!

  5. Camille

    This is seriously the PERFECT summer staple! I can think of so many occasions to wear it – you look fab!

  6. Natalie

    Such a cute jumpsuit! I love how you paired it with those shoes too.

  7. Brianna

    That jumpsuit is perfect for these hot summer days! Perfect for a trip to the farmer’s market or something! And those earrings need to be in my jewelry case!! 🙂

  8. Ada

    What a great jumpsuit! I love wearing them as well! so comfy! I love all those accessories you added with it! Great job!

  9. Helene

    I LOVE this jumpsuit, and I am not a one piece kind of gal…Looks fun and fabulous! Great shoes too, and I can’t wait to see your new hair color!

  10. Mama802

    What a fun outfit! Great shoes too!

  11. Jacqueline

    I love stripes so this jumpsuit has my vote. It looks so comfortable. My only concern is the quality of the jumpsuit. There are so many chemicals in fast-fashion today that it is creating havoc with our health.

  12. Meg

    I use to think that you had to be skinny to pull off a jumpsuit (and I am so not!) but I bought my first jumpsuit last year, and now I wear it so often, soon I will need to replace it! This stripey one looks like it would be flattering on my curves too.

  13. Noelle

    I like that you paired cognac colored sandals with your navy jumpsuit. I am loving the stripe trend too!

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