It’s already Spring, but why do I find some days still so, so cold??? I dislike wearing pants, so I try to wear skirts or dresses as much as possible. Since it is warmer now than it was in the Winter, I have brought out my skirts! But it’s still a bit chilly some days. The weather is pretty weird this year. We got weeks of rain this year in LA. The past few years, we only had rain for just a few days. I guess it’s not surprising it’s still kind of cold in April. In LA, Summer usually starts around February. Haha, no lie. Anyways, this is one outfit I wore fit for this Spring LA day.

Ask anybody living in Los Angeles. There was an unbelievable amount of rain this year. Some days you think, “Oh, it finally stopped raining. It’s probably the last rain of the year.” NOPE. We would find sprinkles here and there. I always have a jacket with a hood with me just in case of those rainy days, literally. That’s why I popped this hat on. I couldn’t find any necklace that fit this top, and I felt I was lacking accessories. Plus, I thought this Forever 21 cap fit just right in with the urban feel of my outfit.

I have always been attracted to little details on clothing items. An example is elbow patches. I have been into brown, suede elbow patches for awhile now. I think it makes an outfit a bit preppy looking. Even though this top is cropped, it is very warm. Whatever this top is made out of, I am able to go out at night not needing a jacket at all. Two thumbs up.

Buttoned Up Corduroy Skirt

I paired my top with this corduroy skirt cause it matched with the shade of my elbow patches. The black and brown color combo also matches my hair. I’ve been having too much fun lately always matching with my hair. Forever 21 always has buttoned up corduroy skirts in stock, and of course always at affordable prices. I also got mines there. πŸ˜›

If you’ve been a committed Fun in the Closet reader, you will remember theseΒ H&M ankle booties. I’ve worn them with all kinds of outfits of any season. I love these boots since they have a beautiful, sexy shape and a nice but very comfortable height. I think they are pretty versatile and I can make them work with any kind of outfit. One way I styled them was in this Summer post here. Check out my old posts to see how else I styled them! Toodaloo now! <3

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  1. Julia

    You’re lookin too cool, girl! I love those boots!

  2. Jessica Lam

    I love your eye makeup and I love this outfit! Your style is amazing!!

  3. Lizzie

    You are so beautiful! I love this outfit on you, and your makeup looks amazing!

  4. Kathryn

    I have been loving button up skirts like this, so your look is definitely a favorite! The elbow patches on your sweater are such a nice detail, too.

    Kathryn β€’

  5. Tracy

    Cute outfit! And those booties… LOVE!

  6. Sushmita

    Love the look, especially the shoes πŸ™‚

  7. Emily

    I love how this outfit is both edgy and classic!!

  8. Love this look! The hat is super cute! I understand about the weather; here in NC, we never know whether it will be hot or cold from one day to another haha!

  9. Jenelle

    We are supposed to be in Autumn right now but I have a feeling that we have your spring weather over here. It’s been so warm, I have loved it. I hope it warms up and stops raining soon. Love the cap!
    xx Jenelle

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