It’s been pretty chilly here in California, definitely a change here with El Niño and all the stormy weather that has been hitting us lately. Both of us have been pretty busy with school and work as of late, but that didn’t stop us from dressing up.

As you get to know us a lot more, we shop A LOT at Forever 21. We’re both in college and living on our own, which means we are on a pretty tight budget. However, both of us have always believed that anyone can look stylish, no matter what brands you’re wearing. After all, confidence is the best outfit you can wear, the accessory you should never leave home without.

For today’s look. we’re both wearing a silver sequin mock neck crop top from Forever 21. We bought this because we loved how the sequins captured and reflected the light, both natural and artificial.

Chloe: I decided to go with an edgier look by adding this studded motorcycle jacket from H&M and these comfy high waisted skinny jeans from Forever 21. The leather jacket is a classic look that also adds a lot of warmth for the cold weather we’ve been experiencing around LA lately. For shoes, I’m wearing suede thigh-high chunky-heeled boots that are suuuuper comfortable. I am so in LOVE with these boots because they are so easy to dress up or dress down. When I saw them at Forever 21 I got them on an impulse. I feel like this season has been all about suede, and highly recommend adding it to your closet!


Cindy: There are times when I have an outfit planned in my head and then I ask Chloe what she is planning to wear. Almost too many times her answer matches what I planned to wear! I usually end up putting my own personal twist on the outfit to better fit my personality. For this outfit I decided to don a leather studded skirt from Forever 21 since Chloe was wearing skinny jeans. Wearing a skirt might not give much warmth, but the leather material fits the cold, winter season. I chose this sheer-velvet turquoise kimono from Forever 21 to dim and balance out my super shiny sequined top to create a more reserved look. I recommend wearing this type of outfit for a semi-formal indoor event.


Hope you had fun taking a peek into our closet! Check back next week for our Valentine’s Day post!

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  1. Annie

    cool post. love the first pic 🙂

  2. Britney

    Love it!!

  3. joannamatt

    Both of you look stunning!Forever 21 is my personal favorite too.I always end up entering their store and buying something even if I dont really need it.Great hair color.


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