My Romper Obsession

If you know me well, rompers are one of my favorite pieces to wear because I’m a lazy motherfucker. When I’m being lazy (which is most of the time) or in a rush I always throw on a romper because it’s one piece and you really don’t need to match a top and bottom. Rompers quickly help me decide my entire outfit and in the end, I still look very put together with minimal effort. I also added in a bralette because the plunging neckline was a little too low for me.


I bought this pink chiffon rose romper with bell-sleeves from Forever 21 without a second thought because I am absolutely in love with bell-sleeves and the fluidity of the flow they give off whenever I move my arms. Back in the good ole elementary school days I was just as amazed by the flow and constantly asked my mom to get me as many bell-sleeve tops whenever we went shopping together. Since it’s festival season bell-sleeves are making a comeback especially when people are trying to dress more boho. Then when I saw the ruffle-hemmed bottom and died and went to heaven. It’s the small details that really stick out to me.


The gold earrings from H&M have a special meaning to be because Cindy got them for me on my 21st birthday. I love these earrings because of the lace heart cutout details they have. Cindy knows me too well and knows that I’m crazy about heart prints. Whenever we go shopping, we sometimes get the same items by accident.


To complete my outfit, I went with these platform wedges from Forever 21 because they give me a few more inches to my height and are super comfortable. You could literally wear these platform wedges with anything. If my combo doesn’t work for you, you could always wear them with any sundress or simply pair them with jeans.


Seeya next week.

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  1. april k

    Love this and the color is amazing!

    1. Chloe

      Hehe! Yes, the color is so perfect for summer 🙂 ! Thanks !

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