Prom Inspiration – “Showstopper Styles”

Although neither of us have been in high school for a few years now, we know that prom is just around the corner for some of you. So this week, we put on some outfits we’d wear if we were to go to prom this year! 🙂 And even if you aren’t going to prom, these looks are perfect for any formal occasion.

If you guys know me, I LOVE shiny stuff! This dress from Forever 21 is one of those pieces I had to have immediately. From the beautiful silver sequins and to the must have slit detail this dress is definitely a showstopper.

Of course, I chose silver accessories to compliment my dress. If you can’t believe it, I actually wanted to make my dress even more shiny. So I chose this diamond choker and diamond studded bangles for the extra sparkle.

I can’t stay away from slits and they can’t stay away from me. The only thing I hesitate about wearing slits now is that they’re always on the left side. LEFT SIDE. Where I just had my accident last year. And my SCARS. The scars that are still healing, I hope. It’s like I want to show my scars to the world haha. But I don’t really want to make them a big deal. It just makes my leg look a bit roughed up. This still does not stop me from wearing these slits though. 🙂

I got this long, silky black gown from BCBGeneration a while back hoping I’d get the chance to wear it to somewhere fancy someday. But I still haven’t had the chance to yet until now! This dress is a fairly simple dress with a plunging lace neckline and two simple straps. A long fishtail hemline trails behind, giving a luxurious vibe. What I really love about this dress is that the material feels so silky and flows so well. Whenever you move, this dress drapes behind you and flows with each step. You can definitely jazz this dress up even more with statement heels and accessories.

Heart Earrings

For accessories, I kept it very simple. I wore these large heart diamond studs that I got for super cheap on Aliexpress. Then I decided on these statement silver rings that I bought from Forever 21. 🙂 I could have worn large statement earrings to jazz up this outfit but I wanted to go for a simple yet glam look.

   Lastly, I wore my favorite fluffy feathered heels that I bought from Forever 21. Since this dress has a long slit in the front, it definitely helps with showing what type of heels you’re wearing. You can definitely wear heels that are more sparkly to make the focus of your look! Look back on how else I styled these heels in our past urban post! 🙂

Hope you guys have an AMAZING time at prom or any formal occasion that you guys attend! <3 And we really really want to see what you guys wore!! 🙂

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  1. Rina

    I am loving both show stopping pieces for prom! I have totally regrets over what I wore for prom back in the day lol. It was a fluffy pink gown. I wish I went for something a little more chic and fitted like both your dresses.

    Oh well, now I can pass on my wisdom to my future kids if I have a girl =P

    Rina Samantha

  2. Amy Arnold

    This makes me miss prom! You both look gorgeous in these dressy looks!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I love the black dress…so classic yet modern. And you ROCK that slit, scars or not girl! You’re just showing off your battle wounds! 😉

  4. lena

    Girls your style is insane!!! you ave lot of personality on your looks haha and I love the pinky hair ends!! <3 faaav

  5. Shevy

    You ladies look beautiful.. Both dresses are stunning and very well accessorised! Keep it up 🙂

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