Our Favorite Summer Print!


Summer is finally here! Can’t wait to show you all the exciting adventures we have in store this summer and all the summer outfits we have planned out for you all. Since we are in Los Angeles, California, it’s been pretty damn hot every single day.  To celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer, we decided to go with our matching pineapple dresses from Forever 21. We saw these dresses in the “Style Deal” section and we had to have them because they were such fun prints for summer.


Cindy: I have always wanted pineapple prints since I first saw them. I have been trying to find the perfect clothing piece to get that has pineapple prints. This dress was absolutely perfect for me. I also saw Chloe’s dress, but I preferred mines because the dark background brought out the cute pineapples! I also like how the dress is loose and flowy. But I also think that is a bad thing for me. The loose shape of the dress gives a little girl image because it does not give your body any shape. To fix that problem, you can add a slim waist belt.

Chloe: I thought this bodycon halter dress was summer perfect because of it’s bright colors. I’m rarely a fan of  bodycon dresses because I feel too constricted if it’s too tight. However when I tried this on it wasn’t overly tight, short on length, and most importantly, didn’t leave me feeling stiff at all. Anyways, I was in the mood to mix my closet up a little bit to create a sense of variety. I have tons of flowy dresses, so this halter dress was in stark contrast. To finish this outfit off, I went with my knotted gold chain choker from Forever 21 because I thought the gold from the choker highlighted the cute golden pineapples. This choker has to be one of my favorites this month, it’s very different from all the chokers I have in my little choker collection because of its sleek and modern look; it can really go with any casual or formal outfit and it would still look great.


Cindy: I thought the wood print fit well with the pineapple, tropical theme. Plus the boost from these babies are super manageable and comfy. I would say these shoes would be one of my favorite pairs of shoes from Forever 21.

Chloe: Since it’s blazing hot, I went with these ankle gladiator sandals from De Blossom Collection since they’re super casual and comfortable. Because the dress has such a busy print to it, I decided not to go with a shoe that was overly busy itself to avoid a sense of clashiness, and to keep the attention on my figure and dress.

Hope you loved out summer prints!

See ya next week!

Chloe & Cindy <3

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  1. Chanel

    Love fruit prints, I have been obsessed with a Wildfox one in grapefruit for awhile. I can’t wait for it to be blazing hot in KC haha. Such a cute post girls!

    x, S Je M’appelle Chanel

  2. Lora

    Out of all summer fruits I think pineapple looks the cutest, haha! You girls look amazing – I love how you both have the same print on but different styles!

    Xx, Lora | Cherry Cola Style

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