Why Pil-ookie is known as “The Beauty Pillow”

This week we’re sharing pillows that were sent to us from Pil-ookie! These specialized pillows are designed by Dr. Cheryl Huang, based on over 18 years of clinical research. Her team was kind enough to send them over for us to try.

pil-ookie funinthecloset sponsored pillows

These pillows are perfect for those who are dedicated in taking care of their skin. Each pillow is made with curves at each end so you could lean your face towards. This prevents any night creams and serum from soaking into pillow cases. Since we sleep on our pillows for such a long period overnight, these curves will also help prevent wrinkles from happening when our faces aren’t squished into the pillow. Both of us change our pillow cases quite often to avoid acne, but neither of us knew that pillow cases would cause wrinkles.

While we both know that we shouldn’t sleep with makeup on, we still do anyways cause we’re human. This pillow is also the perfect pillow to nap on when you have makeup on! The curves allow you to lie sideways while having no contact with the pillow to our faces. We’ve all had times where we want to nap but we already have makeup on but also don’t want to dirty our pillow cases. Well, Pil-ookie is our answer!

The pillow case is very soft and cool to the touch. The case also prevents crinkles in your hair when you sleep on it for too long. It’s a zippered case so you’ll be able to unzip it and wash it whenever you want.

Pil-ookie Pillow

The Pil-ookie is fit for all people of all ages including: teens, pregnant mothers, and the elderly. The perfect slope in the pillow facilitates circulation which helps make smoother skin and decrease swelling. The casing also benefits acne-prone skin. Things such as dirt and oil are kept away from your skin. The curves also help prevent pressure on the mouth and jaw, which is a good info for those who wear braces and retainers! Pregnant women are commonly known to lie on their sides while sleeping. Well, guess what pillow is perfect for those who sleep on their sides? The Pil-ookie of course!

funinthecloset pillow pil-ookie fun

Seeya next week, babes! 🙂

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  1. Miri

    WOW! I have never heard of Pil-ookie but now I want to try it. Everyone needs a beauty sleep, right?
    Happy Wednesday, girls!


  2. Shannon

    Sounds like it’s gentle on your hair and your skin. As a woman in her late 30’s this is super important. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Tina

    You guys look adorable in these photos! And whoa I love that your makeup doesn’t soak into these pillows! Sounds so great for your skin!


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