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Hey guys! We’re really excited to share with you this Ole Hendricksen box that we were able to receive from Influenster.  All I have to say is that trying this skincare box has been a life-changing experience. Never in my life had I ever had a skincare night routine with so many goddamn steps. Since I’m new to this, it was a truly grueling process standing in front of the mirror and applying this sticky stuff all over. My usual routine at night is to simply apply a creamy moisturizer after I shower and baam! I’m done. Although, there was so many steps, it was well worth it with the results that I got after using this.


I’ve never heard of this brand before because the products that I usually use are mainly drugstore or cutesy packaged Asian ones. After doing a little research on my own, I’ve found out that Ole Hendricksen is a well-known celebrity stylist who is originally from Denmark, but was able to create his own line of skincare products that is focused on using natural botanicals and other active ingredients in his products. His line is very driven so that people will able to achieve spa results in their home.

So on the day I received my box, Cindy and I decided to go to a show that was in LA, so we were driving around Beverly Hills and I randomly saw a sign that directed people to the Ole Hendricksen Spa, so off that bat this seemed like a pretty big and well-known company. (Never heard of this brand before, but daaamn he has a spa in Beverly Hills).


So, here are all the Power Bright products that were in my box that will help us achieve that #OleGlow. I thought these bottles were super cute in their mini sample sizes. For being samples, they were definitely good for more than one use, everything but the mask is good for at least a month.


Let’s begin with the first product that we both started with. This is the uber amazing mask they give you that claims it’ll make your skin glow. After trying it out, I did see the results that I wanted. My skin is usually very dry with patchiness here and there, but after using it I had a dewy glow.

Step 1: Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask – This was by far my favorite part of the mask because I’m crazy about scrubs. They feel super relaxing, especially after a long day. This first step was to apply a thin layer of the exfoliator on to your face and leave it there for several minutes (I felt  this mask heat up which I actually enjoyed). Once that time is up you lightly rub it in a circular motion and then use a little sponge they give you to wipe it off with water.

Step 2: Truth 25% Vitamin C Concentrate – This concentrate came in a yellow gel like consistency. One thing that I couldn’t stand about step 2 is that they say there is a “pleasant tingle” which I didn’t feel was too pleasant, so I didn’t leave it on for the time required (It could be that I have very sensitive skin, so it may be different for everyone). Since I couldn’t stand the pain tingle I added on the next step, since you aren’t suppose to wash the concentrate off.

Step 3: Pure Truth Melting Cleanser – The melting cleanser came in a creamy off-white color with a very thick consistency. This melting cleanser added more to “tingle” to the mask, so I would say I probably lasted 1 minute :(. I washed of the rest of the mask with my little sponge and yeeees, my skin was renewed! Since these masks do come with active ingredients, you’re bound to have some kind of feeling affect you.

Although, I didn’t even leave this mask on for the full 15 minutes, I still saw results which is always a good sign.

Power Bright Mask



The “Truth Serum Collagen Booster” was the next product I applied after I washed the mask off. This was my first time ever using a serum daily, so this was a huge difference for my skin. I loved the smell of this serum, it had a very pleasant fruity orange smell to it. After applying this, it dried rather quickly and did not leave that greasy feeling on your face.

Truth Serum Collagen Booster


Lastly, I applied this Sheer Transformation. Let me tell you this now, I THINK THIS CREAM SMELLS LIKE GLUE. BUT, I believe this cream really works. It truly does moisturize your face and sadly I’ll say it does leave a slight greasy feeling even after it absorbs into your skin.

Sheer Transformation

Even though there are some pros and cons of this entire set, overall, I really like it because it actually works. I like it that much that I clamor to use it every morning and night. I’ve used it religiously and haven’t missed a single day, since then my skin has actually become a lot softer and more supple.

Try it out for yourself!

Seeya next week! 🙂

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