Not Your Conventional Spring Look

Missguided Plaid Dress Black Boots

Hey guys! It’s finally Spring and I’ve been dying to trade in my sweaters for dresses! This week I thought it would be really fun to style a Spring look that is different from your usual bright colors and floral prints in which we associate everything Spring with. Check it out!
Girl wearing missguided blue plaid dress

girl wearing missguided blue plaid dress with black boots

For my Spring look, I went with this light and soft plaid dress from Missguided. What makes this dress so perfect for the weather is the material. While it may look thick for Spring weather, the material is super flowy and breathable. All the while, this dress may have long sleeves and may seem hot, it was actually perfect for the Spring weather this time of year, which wasn’t too hot or too cold. When purchasing dresses, definitely consider the type of materials to be more comfortable throughout the day.
asian girl wearing missguided blue plaid dress

What really made me gravitate towards this dress is the 80s vibe it gives off but with a more modern look, and the fit and flare. What I really love is the neckline, and the cuffed, puffy sleeves that really give the top definition.
girl wearing missguided plaid blue dress

The hem of this dress has a wrap around detail along with a ruffle hem which really adds to the flow of this dress. Additionally, I added one of my favorite moon and star choker that I purchased from Aliexpress.
Jagged Stone Ring
Lastly, I accessorized with some simple sun and star rings and a blingy jagged edge ring that I also got from Aliexpress! Surprisingly, I’ve found so many CUTE accessories on Aliexpress! You really need to look at reviews and do your research to make sure you’re getting a great item.
De Blossom Collection Red Rose Brick Black Heeled Boots

For my shoes, I wore my black lace-up heeled boots that I got from De Blossom Collection. The shape of this shoe really reminds me of a Victorian boot but with a more modern flare to it. I have really been loving shoes with shorter and thicker heels since it’s way more comfortable to wear.
girl wearing Andromeda Killstar 
 black backpack stars and moon
Killstar – Andromeda Backpack
For my backpack of choice, I went with the Andromeda backpack from Killstar. I really love the star and moon details on this bag. Since my accessories were of the sun, stars, and moon, I thought this would a fitting bag to follow that theme.
Thanks for reading to the end! 🙂 I hope I’ve inspired you with a fun and different look for this Spring! If you want more outfit ideas, make sure to pay attention to our Fashion & Clothing section of our blog for more! <3

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  1. page

    such a cute look – that shade of blue is so pretty! x

  2. Nene

    Loving this dress super Chic and sophisticated

  3. Diana Trinh

    So gorgeous! I love it

  4. Mariah

    I love the plaid! I think it works for any season!

  5. Stine Mari

    I think this really works as a Spring look! Love the length of the dress 🙂

  6. Crystal

    It may not be conventional, but it’s bad ass! Love your style!

  7. Krizzia Scollon

    I actually love the dress! The boots looks good as well. It’s something I’d wear mostly on fall but I can see how it can be perfect for spring too!

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