Nordgreen – “The Minimalist Watch for Every Day Wear”

Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t had any posts lately! But we are finally back and excited to share with you Nordgreen, a Scandinavian watch brand that focuses on minimalist styles that are super affordable. The “nord” in Nordgreen represents their Nordic identity and the “green” emphasizes on being sustainable. Now, we will share with you the watches that we picked out!

Of course, not only do we have to wear matching watches, but matching outfits as well! It’s just a Cindy Chloe thing y’know??

Infinity – Rose Gold – Pink Leather

Both of us picked out the Infinity styled watch but in different strap colors. What really makes this watch eye catching is that the face of this watch really pops out. Instead of a flatter face with the depth being equal to the straps, this design really just stands out. It really is the minute details that make a difference in this look.

Interchangeable Straps

A cool feature of this watch is that it comes with interchangeable straps. They are all alike in quality and look, just different colors. You wouldn’t need to purchase a whole new watch and only purchase the color that you like!


Infinity – Rose Gold – White Leather

So I also got a light colored strap watch. Surprised I didn’t choose a pink color just like Chloe? Welll, the thing is I chose a white strap with the watch to wear, but I also chose a pink strap as the extra to change. I couldn’t miss out on that perfect light blush shade. These minimal chic watches are just so adorable and would look great with any outfit that you choose to wear for the day.

We got great news! Nordgreen was super nice to create a discount code to share. Use our code FIC35 and you will receive 35% OFF during the Black Friday period and after that the code will be at 15% OFF. So definitely don’t miss out! Are these watches your style? Tell us your faves. Thanks for catching up with us this week and look forward to more soon!

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  1. Gabrielle

    Oh, I adore your matching outfits ladies; very stylish! I also love Nordgreen watches and have their pink infinity style đŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a fabulous week so far! x

  2. kaitertott

    SO pretty! I have been looking for a new watch! I am so attached to my Nixon but it is looking ROUGH!

  3. Erin

    So sleek and chic! Love that these are easy for every day wear.

  4. Katelyn

    Love these! So simple and elegant.

  5. The fact that they are interchangable makes them 100 times better! Thanks for sharing. Great timing because I need a new watch!

  6. Rocio

    Love the color and the watches

  7. shannon

    Yesss! I just discovered them and was looking into getting a new timepiece from them! I want one even more now that I see how beautiful they are on you two!

  8. Scott Stiffler

    Now I have an idea what to gift my friend on her first day of job.

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