My Skincare Routine for Dry and Acne Prone Skin that ROCKS

Over the course of this Winter, my skin has been so dry to where I have flaky patches. I’m also experiencing a bad bout of adult acne as well and that combination has been really difficult to deal with. Lately, I have really been LOVING my skincare routine because I ACTUALLY have results. So since it has been slowly improving, I thought it would be important to share for those who may be in the same boat. This is not at all a sponsored post, it’s just me giving you some updates on my new skincare routine. 🙂

Essential Power Skin Toner for Normal to Dry Skin

I have been using my toner daily little by little. The first step in my skincare routine is by add a few droplets of this toner onto a soft cotton pad and gently sweep it all over my face. This toner has been really amazing for me since it really softens and hydrates my skin before I add any serums over my face. I was never the hugest fan of toners since some can be very drying but this one really fits for my dry skin.

Radha Rosehip Oil

I was actually introduced this rosehip oil from an article I read from Buzzfeed, lol! Everyone was raving about it and I really loved that it was all natural. It’s 100% organic rosehip oil. I have been leaning towards more natural remedies nowadays so I ended up purchasing it. The second step is applying this rosehip oil for day and night right after I have washed my face. This oil has made my skin A LOT softer. I love that this oil DOESN’T  just sit on top of your face making it feel very greasy and look oily. It absorbs after a few minutes. It made my blemishes on my forehead a lot less pronounced. The bumps and redness was very noticeable before but I think it’s quickly healing.

The Ordinary

I have heard so much about “The Ordinary” so Cindy and I finally took the plunge and ordered some of their items off of Sephora. I picked up the Niacinamide which helps with blemishes, redness, and oily skin. After applying the rosehip oil, I would apply this serum all over my problem spots, mainly my forehead area. Overtime, that spot has gotten a lot softer, it does not look as inflamed, and most importantly rarely any new blemishes have been popping up. I will usually only get a flare up when my period comes around. After applying the Niacinamide, I’ll then apply the Hyaluronic Acid all over my face. This has been pretty essential for me to use because of how dry and flaky my skin is. When my skin is dry, it looks super dull and you can see dry patches here and there. This hyaluronic acid leaves my skin feeling renewed and gives it a very dewy look. Lastly, I will apply the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA cream. This lotion just seems to lock everything in. I must admit, after applying everything my face looks super oily, but it’s all absorbed after 30 minutes.


Happy Body Organic Sulfur Crystals

I’ve never heard about taking organic sulfur crystals everyday before but I have also added this as part of my routine in hopes of bettering my health and my skin. Taking sulfur isn’t suppose to be a supplement or a type of medication. Sulfur is actually a natural nutrient that is found in our foods. But with the times that we live in, most of our foods are processed with heavy chemical ingredients erasing sulfurs. Ingesting these concentrated and natural sulfur crystals is what our body needs to function properly. I will take this sulfur twice every day, once in the morning and once at night. Since sulfur tastes super bitter. I’ll try to mix it with juice and down it really fast. I’ve also found that mixing it with large cup of hot water really hides the taste of it. So I recommend taking it small amounts at first, such as 1/4 teaspoon rather then 1/2 teaspoon to see how your body will react to it. Overall, I’ve seen the most difference in my skin. I think the hugest difference for me is the pronounced bumps I have on my forehead. It has gotten even smaller after consuming this.

If you want to take this as well I recommend doing a little of your own research to see if this is the right fit for you.

Hopefully my skincare routine helps you out or given you new ideas on what you can add into your routine. On a side note, I hope you really love my new crystals, haha! I’ve been going crazy with all types of crystals that I have been purchasing or trying to grow! 🙂 Seeya next week!

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  1. Fabio Gloriholne

    Your post is everything I’ve been looking for! My girlfriend struggles with some skin issues as well, and has been looking for some products that actually produce results.

    I’ve just shared this with her and some other friends, so I hope they get the same results as you! Thank you!

  2. Amber @ xoxo, Am

    It sounds like we have the similar skin types. Curology is what really helped me with my breakouts. I’m still dealing with some texture issues. I’m currently testing out The Ordinary’s caffeine eye serum but I want to try more from them! I need to look into those crystals!

  3. Toni

    This is great! My postpartum skin in this winter climate has me pulling my hair out! I’m totally going to try this out!

  4. Nicole

    Didn’t know any of these, will look out for them in the store next time
    Nicole Parise –

  5. GiGi Eats

    Less is more for me. I like glycolic acid and moisturizer, thats it! I have been using OIL a lot as a moisturizer lately and I am loving it!

  6. Amanda Maynard

    I have super dry skin…especially in the winter… I love a good oil!

  7. La Shell

    I love The Ordinary and COSRX stuff. I use the Buffet and Niacinamide from TO and I use the Morning ph Cleanser and the BHA blackhead remover from COSRX. They work wonders!

  8. Erin

    I’ve heard so many great things about The Ordinary – thinking I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing <3

  9. Chelsey DuBois

    I’ve heard so much about hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil recently!

  10. Abhishek

    Cool Post…May be this going to help me in the next winter as my skin is too try

  11. Ifeoluwa

    Rose hip oil sounds amazing I will give it a try. I’ve heard some horror stories about the ordinary one I’m going to pass on that! I have acne as well your routine looks so easy to follow.

  12. Francesca

    I use those same two serums from The Ordinary for my dry acne prone skin, love them! And the price tag! Also, that’s so funny that you saw that Rosehip oil in that Buzzfeed article, I just found it the other day and bookmarked so many products from it to try out hahaha.

  13. Kimberly Clay

    Love your tips and these great products! For much of my life I have dealt with various issues requiring special skin care. Great information and advice here. Thank you.

  14. Brianna

    Oh my goodness! SO many crystals! My love for crystals is amazing! Love this post babe!

  15. Alex

    I love how natural and healing this is – definitely going to try these tips!

  16. Ariel

    Wow! Thanks for the tips! I’ve been struggling a bit with acne for a whole so I might have to try some of these. I was also considering natural homemade treatments, but I honestly don’t know that I have the time or energy to handle that right now so I had been looking for some new products that I could maybe try. Thanks!

  17. Chloe

    Great post! My skin hasn’t gotten so dry recently from the cold winter, I’ve been using the Liz Earle moisturiser but I really want to give the Ordinary skin care a go!

  18. Amy Arnold

    Thanks for sharing. These sound like great products.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  19. Shannon

    I’ve never heard of those sulfur crystals but now I think I absolutely need them. They sound WAY cool! Thanks so much for sharing bc I would of never found those! xx Shannon ||

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