To Wear More or Less? : How to Be Cool in the Summer

I don’t know if you guys heard from us already or in any of Chloes’ posts, but it has been HOT lately. But really though, when has it not been in SoCal?  I’ve been seeing quite a few of my friends lately wear long sleeves or pants. And here I’m thinking, “Aren’t you hot??” My Summer closet consists of mainly rompers, shorts, and dresses. But then I’ve also been thinking of ways to not tan as much in the Summer (I’m always trying to get paler). I also thought maybe it was just me who has been feeling so hot in this weather. Well, it is hot, but if you get used to having more on then high temperatures won’t seem as bad. Get what I’m saying? Tell me what you think of this theory!

Daniel Wellington – Classic Petite Sheffield

As if there wasn’t enough sunshine lately, I wanted to be as bright with this yellow lacey off-the-shoulder top. I decided on an off-shoulder-top so I could wear a choker to accessorize. This cute tiny heart choker from Forever 21 was just the right accessory for this look because it isn’t a piece that could overwhelm an outfit. Lastly, I went with my classic petite Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington in black and gold. The choker and watch paired so well together because of how opposite they were, the modern flare from this dainty choker and the classic look from the watch.

I went with it and actually wore jeans this time! I hardly ever wear denim in the Summer because it’s such a thick material and just too hot to wear here in Los Angeles. But today, I went with these trendy frayed ankle jeans from Forever 21. The frayed jeans hem trend have been everywhere this Summer, which is great because it gives your legs a lot of breathing room and isn’t as tight as skinny jeans.  Plus, these jeans give you a chance to showcase any shoes you have. Personally, I prefer to wear more on the bottom rather then the top because I can easily get super sweaty, which feels pretty gross throughout the whole day, lol!

Pathwork Places

Chloe and I were very grateful to have been sent pairs of shoes from the one and only Poetic Licence. I have been loving the embroidery trend this season, so I knew I had to have these boots when I laid my eyes on them. Not only are they just beautiful, they are super comfy to walk in. These won’t be the last embroidered piece you will be seeing on me. Look forward to more! 😉

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  1. Isabel

    I don’t know but I hardly handle the heat! Been trying to wear more on summer but it didn’t help!

  2. Diana

    Oh, yes, the heat out here in Europe has been a total bummer lately… 🙁
    But I still wear long jeans too so I totally feel you, haha!
    Btw, those boots are something to die for!❤❤


  3. Lanae Bond

    It has been hot in North Carolina and some how I still manage to still wear long dresses and skirts with getting too hot! I love the yellow lace blouse from Forever 21!

  4. Heather Erickson

    I always wear jeans or long skirts in the summer. I never feel sticky or sweaty that way. I do stick to short sleeves and sandals, though. I often think of women who wear burkas in the heat. I guess, whatever works!

  5. Swati

    Oh I love the color of this top, so summery!! <3

  6. Christine Kong

    Love these jeans and the hem on them. The boot are such a statement piece too and I love the classy DW watch! Such a fab look even if it has been sooo stinking hot! xoxo, Christine

  7. Ugh I know, I can’t believe people are already wearing fall clothing! Summer will still last at least another 2 months for me… All my sweaters will just have to wait 🙂 I love the yellow though! Such a stylish outfit

    Miles of smiles,

  8. Shannon

    Loving this jeans and boots combo…so good! Once it hits over 105 degrees here it is much too hot to be wearing jeans, but oh how I wish I could!

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  9. stephanie

    Super cute! I know what you mean about wearing jeans in the summer but you pulled it off 🙂

  10. Sreya Gupta

    Amazing article. You look so awesome in the outfit. It takes a lot of courage to wear a floral boot with a fringed jeans. But, the outfit is looking gorgeous.

  11. Paige Rodriguez

    Beautiful!!✨ I agree, I miss wearing jeans in the summer– I’m usually in maxi skirts and dresses as well, or flowy hippy pants but sneak in a pair here and there. Also, I love that top! My favorite color and off the shoulder is always lovely. I’ve been meaning to stop into Forever 21 and this is inspiring me

    Paige |

  12. Oooh I love the way that top falls on you and how it looks. Super cute!!!

    Danielle | <3

  13. Joy

    Your look is fabulous, I especially like the overall combination with your jeans… keep smiling and looking good!

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