Mixing Colors: Brown & Black

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard stuff before about mixing colors, “Don’t mix silver and gold” or “You can’t wear brown and black together”. But now I am going to tell you something, whether or not you want to trust me is up to you, YOU SHOULD JUST DO IT. If you think it looks good, it does. If not, then change it up. There are times where some silver and gold accessories don’t complement each other. If so, switch it up! Same goes with the colors brown and black. They’re both neutral colors, so they go together fine. Usually a black piece makes a look very serious. But if you add some brown, it tones it down a bit and gives it a softer touch. It’s kind of like what I did with my hair!

Lace Up Bodysuit

I turned this clubbish looking bodysuit into a piece fit for a date. I chose a longer bottom to cover more skin because my top had quite a bit of skin showing already. 😉 Wearing a long pencil skirt makes any outfit look very formal, especially a black one. But adding this leather motorcycle jacket transforms my outfit to be a bit more casual or something you would wear to go out and have fun. I accessorized with a leather choker with an O-ring in the middle to match with my other pieces of my outfit.

I could have went with some heels, but I wore these ankle boots to add to the casualness of my outfit (and also because my ankle is still healing lol). The brown complemented the olive shade of my bodysuit well and the O-ring matches with my choker. But as you can see, the brown was fine with black right? If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to tell me why! I welcome all opinions. 🙂

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  1. Natassja

    Love this! Light brown and black leather TOTALLY go together. You’re rocking it!

  2. Sivan

    I really love this look!! I am always so hesitant to mix and match brown and black. You’ve inspired me 🙂 Great date night look.

  3. Sofia

    I adore those boots! Perfect for spring.

  4. Marcela

    I like your outfit and jacket gives special touch of bad ass. Love it!

  5. Shannon

    Love how you styled this! Brown and black work so great together when styled right. All those matching rules need to be gone already!

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  6. Jenny

    Great boots, I love how you put it together!

  7. Liz

    I actually really love black and brown together! I think it’s a super chic combo. Love how you styled it here!


  8. Sia

    Damn I need those boots.

  9. Sheena

    What a GREAT style. Loving the mix-up. Looks awesome!

  10. Oh to Be a Muse

    I love when people mix brown and black together. And your boots are super pretty!

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