Member’s Only: the Right Jacket

This week it’s all about Spring jackets. We are sharing with you, Member’s Only! If you’ve never heard about them then it’s something we definitely recommend checking out. Their jackets are very simple and versatile with many looks. Of course, we must share with you how we would style the jackets we received from Member’s Only. Both of us chose jackets that were different to show you guys two styles and we wore it.

Faux Suede Moto Jacket

Could I really choose another color other than pink? This motorcycle jacket had the perfect shade of pink that I could not resist choosing another. You can ask Chloe, I pretty much have a motorcycle jacket in every color LOL! I decided to dress more nice with the jacket. I had a date outfit look in mind. You can not go wrong with a simple black dress. I finished with a pair of block heels with an ankle strap to give it a more girly look to this whole outfit. Even though you might think of an edgy look when you think of motorcycle jackets, you can still dress it with a girly number!

Not only did the color make this jacket stand out from the rest of my motorcycle jackets, but the material as well. Faux suede is just so soft to the touch. And the rest of my moto jackets are that usual leather/PU material, which also contributes to the edgy look. With faux suede, it definitely makes  a look more fancy and soft. Ah, I wish you guys could feel how soft this Member’s Only jacket is!


Hey Arnold Denim Jacket

“Hey Arnold” is actually one of my favorite shows when I was growing up, so I could not pass this unique jacket up. I actually re-watched the whole series a few months ago and I still thought it was such a good show. I definitely recommend you watching it, hehe! This denim jacket is part of the Member’s Only Spring/ Summer 2018 collection. Denim jackets are always perfect for Spring because of it’s laid back look and feel.

Since “Hey Arnold” started in the 90s, I wanted to go for a 90s vibe look that was fun and super cute! I really wanted to go with a look that reminded me of my childhood, meaning lots of bold colors. I styled this look with a mock neck rainbow crop top and paired it with a dusty pink corduroy skirt. As a kid born from in the 90s, I remember corduroy was a HUGE staple and all pieces of clothing were literally corduroy, so of course it was essential to throw in some. Since it was a sunny day, I threw on my pink mirrored cat eye heart shaped sunnies. Lastly, I wore my holographic sandals that both Cindy and I got from Shibuya 109 last Summer!

I like that this jacket is very detailed with the front side with Hey Arnold and Nickelodeon embroidered.


Tell us what you think of our choices! Which do you like? Or do you prefer another type of jacket? We want to hear! Look forward to our next post! <3

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  1. Juli

    I love that colour and have always wanted one like that.

  2. Yolanda Tru

    I love both of these jackets! My favorite is the pink one, only because I don’t think I could pull off the Hey Arnold one. You paired them perfectly.

  3. Sanziana

    Both jackets look so good! I love pink as well, and lately I have been buying only things in that colour haha. So I kinda know how it feels. But also the other denim jacket is so cool and wearable. Never heard of this brand, so I’ll definitely check it out!


  4. Megan

    Omg members only! I remember when this was a major 90s thing, so cute to see it looking fly a coupla decades later <3

    Meg xx

  5. Shaikha Al-Thani

    I never heard about this brand thanks for sharing and I really love the Arnold Denim Jacket

  6. Shauna

    What unique pieces! I absolutely love the pink suede moto jacket, that’s definitely part of my style. You’ve given me some much needed inspo to go buy some new outerwear. Love it!

  7. I am SUPER obsessed with that pink jacket (and those black shoes)! I think i remember hey arnold jackets similar to this one in 1994 when the show was on- that’s crazy!

  8. Gillian

    I am soooo loving the Moto jacket. Perfect fit and perfect colour.

  9. Marcel

    Both jackets look great and fit you so well!

  10. Francesca

    I totally agree, you can never go wrong with a black dress! But I’m highkey obsessed with that 90s themed denim jacket. SO nostalgic and cute!

  11. Natalie

    Love Members Only! I have two of their jackets myself.

  12. Monica

    Love the jacket!

    Mónica Sors

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