Leaders USA – “High Quality Masks for All Skin Types”

Korean skincare and beauty products have been a HUGE trend this year. It’s so huge that you’ve probaby seen the Korean skincare and beauty section at a lot of beauty stores near you. So this week, we’re going to share with you some sheet masks we received from Leaders USA. They got all kinds of different masks specifically for every skin type there is.

Leaders Insolution First Ampoule Mask Kit

Hands down, these Ampoule masks are the best masks we’ve EVER used. If you’re looking for a sheet mask that actually works and makes a huge difference, then you NEED to try these out. First off, we both thought the packaging is pretty unique and fancy. We’ve never seen masks come in a tube so we were pretty intrigued when we first received these. The sheets are incredibly high quality, thick, and really soothed our skin when we applied it on our faces. The serum on the mask felt like very high quality because it didn’t feel like it was just all water. But wow, once I was finished with this mask my skin felt renewed, plump, and super moisturized.

7 Wonders Amazonian Açai Anti-Pollution Mask

The Amazonian Açai Anti-Pollution Mask is pretty damn amazing. Chloe here! I have a bad case of allergies with Spring lately, so my skin is really acting up.  My face has been feeling really tight and itchy lately. Not only that, but there’s also bunch of red splotches and dry areas! I applied this mask right after I showered for 30 minutes and it helped plump up my skin and stopped the dryness for quite awhile. I would definitely recommend trying the Anti-Pollution Mask if you’re looking to revitalize your skin.

Myyyyyy turn! So excuse my hair here.. LOL I wanted to have the “Cindy just woke up look”. I had a clip in my hair and this is how it usually looks when I wake up with one haha. Didn’t know how funny it looked until now. But anyhow, you’re not here about my hair but about these masks! I first heard about this brand from my friend, Shannon <3. I always bought cheap masks, the cheaper the better. But then I decided I should invest in my skin more. I asked my friend about not just any mask, but what she thought was the best masks. She instantly recommended Leaders.

Now that I’ve tried the masks out, I can definitely say she was right. I instantly felt the quality of the sheets and how it affected my skin immediately. I think if I were to use these on a regular basis my skin would be bouncy as a baby’s butt! haha! But seriously though, not saying this cus we were given these masks, they are reallll good. You might think they’re expensive too with the fancy tubes and all, but they’re actually decently priced! They’re pretty close to average price actually when they have a sale going on. So check them out!

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  1. Yvonne

    The anti-pollution mask seem to be a good idea! Anything that revitalizes my skin gets my attention! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Yvonne

  2. Tracy

    Great Post! I need to start taking better care of my skin… Will definitely check these out!

  3. Jiawun

    I’ve never heard of this brand before but the masks look amazing! I love a good face mask so I’m definitely checking these out x

  4. Thebloomsite

    Like how they come in the convenient tubes. That’s something I can definitely try

  5. shannon

    Perfect timing for me. I recently used a cheap mask from my local pharmacy that broke my face out!

  6. Cait Weingartner

    I love experimenting with new facial products, especially masks! I’m definitely going to check these masks out, thanks for sharing!

  7. Linda

    Very cute blog.

    Would like if you checked out mine 🙂

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