As we grow older, both of us want to travel more often. This Summer we got the opportunity to visit Kauai, Hawaii for the very first time! We went with some friends and their family and had an amazing time! We enjoyed the Kauai lifestyle with gorgeous views of the beaches and the chance to see the Waimea Canyon!

After we got settled in our home for the week, we immediately got changed and drove to one of the nearest beaches to feel the waters.  The beach was super rocky, so it wasn’t a great place to really swim, but just look at the water and take in the sights. However, we did see a sea turtle get stuck on one of the rocks and eventually the waves pulled it back out into the ocean.

Hiking was something we definitely had to do, We woke up early and headed down to 7-Eleven for some musubi to bring on our hiking trip. We did a short hike that reached up to the clouds. In the same day, we drove to another trail and hiked to Waipoo Falls which had a small waterfall at the end. if you ever get the chance to visit Kauai, you should definitely hike at least one of the days to see the natural preserved beauty of Kauai. 

Waikomo Shave Ice

Wishing Well Shave Ice

The Fresh Shave

Of course, when you go to Hawaii you need to try the local shave ice shops around the area. I honestly feel like we got one shave ice a day. Reminder, you need to get it with some Macadamia ice cream, it’s not overly sweet and has tiny chunks of macadamia in it!

Boba Tea & Company

Mark’s Place

Saimin Dojo

Of course we had to try boba once in Hawaii! Unfortunately this was the only boba place we saw in Kauai, and the drinks were alright, but definitely worth the try if you’re craving boba. Mark’s place chicken katsu was so crispy and of course we need to get the macaroni salad. If you’re looking for authentic Hawaiian katsu, then this is the place to try out. There are benches out side of the where you can enjoy your food and the gorgeous Kauai mountains. Saimin is another dish you need to try out, this was our first time trying out this dish. If you’re unfamiliar with Saimin it is a ramen dish that was developed by Japanese and Chinese immigrants in the plantation era in Hawaii. The saimin soup was extremely flavorful and chashu was smoked so well. Guy Fieri even visited this place and was seen on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. 

We drove across the small island of Kauai from Poipu all the way to Hanalei. We wanted to to kayak on our own on an unguided tour, so we were able to find a cool place in Hanalei that lets you go down two routes on the Hanalei River. We ended up kayaking down a nature preserve and were able to see fishes and small turtles!

Of course, we had to stop by Kauai Coffee, they had a walk through tour that you can walk through by yourself or you could pay for a tour. We opted for the a simple walk through tour by ourselves and we were able to learn how they made their coffee. After our tour, we walked inside the gift shop and was able to try all the different flavors of coffee they had!

We lived right by Poipu beach, it was maybe a 3 minute drive from where we were staying. The waters were so clear and blue. We rented some snorkeling gear from a local shop and spent two days snorkeling. Honestly, didn’t think we’d enjoy it this much but it was amazing that we were able to swim so close to fishes. We saw so many colorful fishes and even a few sea cucumbers, haha!

We lived fairly close to the Spouting Horn, where lava eroded and naturally created these tubes and once the waves crash in it would create this spouting effect. This was also a great place to get some souvenirs. When you first get into the parking lot, you’ll also see small section lined with outdoor vendors. 

Before we left, we wanted to do as much as possible. We still didn’t get a chance to try much fruit on the island so we were set on trying to find the local farmers market to see what we could find. If you EVER visit Kauai you definitely need to try their sugarloaf pineapples which was so sweet and refreshing. The best part about it is that it’s not acidic as a yellow pineapple so your mouth won’t be sore or raw after eating!

We honestly had no idea what was here, but we specifically stopped by because “The Fresh Shave” was parked right outside and we wanted to have shave ice one last time before getting on the plane. Surprisingly, Warehouse 3540 had a variety of small shops with tons of cute trinkets from pins, jewelry, and small home decor items. 

So happy to have went on this trip to Hawaii since it was our first time. We definitely want to visit Maui and all  the other islands! We definitely can’t wait to go back. Thanks for reading to the end! <3

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  1. Daveed

    Wow looks like you ladies had a hell of a time! I am really jealous of all your beautiful pictures.

    What was your favorite things to eat out there while in Hawaii?

  2. Caroline

    I went to Poipu a few years ago. It’s so beautiful and the food is delicious!


  3. Lizzie

    How fun! I loved visit Maui and Oahu – Kauai is definitely next on the list! Gorgeous photos. Hope you had a lovely time!


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