Irregular Choice – “Finding That Shoe To Fit Your Style”

Hey guys!! This post is all gonna be about shoes! All kinds of shoes! Man, a whole post about shoes? I’m not one to complain if it’s about shoes! But these are not just about any shoes. We got the amazing opportunity to work with Irregular Choices! They have funky styled shoes that you cannot find anywhere else. The designs are one in a million. I am for reals… Go check them out if you don’t believe me!

I’m up first! Let me tell you, I have not worn kitten heels for a minute! I don’t really mean a minute, but more like a few years haha. These lil pumps give the ultimate retro 1940s feel. And because of their low height, they are comfy to the max.

I chose this lovely pair because of the cherry pattern. I can’t explain it, but I am usually attracted to cherry prints or fruity prints, but out of all fruit prints cherry prints have to be my #1. What I love about Irregular Choice shoes is other than them having awesome and cute shoes, is that they all have a cool design on the soles! Their shoes are just so colorful 🙂

With my pick from Irregular Choice, I opted for the Bang Pow Boots since they made such a statement with any look.  The clear star shaped heel really made these boots stand out to me. I’ve never really worn anything with such a unique heel. Even the bottom of the soles have such a cute print on them. I almost don’t want to wear these boots because I don’t want to step on the art, haha! 

These boots come in a gorgeous metallic detail with a rounded toe. Usually when the shoes are a statement I’ll try to style my way around that pieces. To complete this look, I thought it would pair amazingly with a pink metallic mini skirt. The metallic in this look really jazzes up the whole outfit. 

For the top, I wore a knitted sweater with a bubble sleeve detail for a more laid back look since I didn’t want this outfit to be too busy with all the different metallic shades. Lastly. I accessorized with a glitter star earring since  you see stars with BOOM and POW! Haha! 

I was very fortunate to receive another pair from Irregular Choice <3. This time I chose a pair of flats. But these flats will definitely outshine any regular old flats. These beauties are decorated generously with plentiful pearls. And nothing says girly like a bow full of rhinestones and pink sequins.

When I wear these babies it makes me feel like I am wearing the pink version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers! hehe

Can these pair of flats get any cuter?? It makes me not wanna walk on them because then it will scratch up the picture 🙁 Maybe I’ll just put these up as decoration somewhere haha! But they’re so pretty I want to wear them. What do I do??

Thanks for catching up with us!

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  1. Alice Price

    I am telling you that Pow Bang boot will kill along with Alessandra Ambrosio Black Jacket. It will be a perfect pair of black and silver, also if you add black denim jeans it will be an overkill look.

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