If We Went to Coachella!

It’s that time of year again… festival season! Everyone’s going crazy over Coachella. This past weekend was weekend one. Of course, both of us really wanted to go but we ended up skipping out on all music festivals this year so we could save up for a Summer trip! 🙂 There are so many different fashion styles at Coachella. Dressing up for a festival is pretty fun when you let your creative side go wild. We wanted to share with you what we would have worn and maybe inspire you for some festival outfits! There are definitely huge fashion contrasts at Coachella. You see people in boho-chic styles or you see really colorful characters in their own sense of fashion style.

I decided to go with the boho style of Coachella. Since it’s a festival, I need something comfortable and flowy pieces make any outfit beautiful. I also looked for something a bit more covering since Coachella is during the day. As much as being tanned sounds nice, I do not really want to get sunburnt.

It’s hard to notice, but this Forever 21 dress is actually an M-slit, meaning it has a slit on both sides. I wanted something to shade me from the sun but not block ventilation. This was just the right piece I had in mind. And then I chose an off the shoulder top so I could leave plenty of room for me to layer on some accessories!

You’ve probably already noticed that Coachella is the time to bring out all of your accessories! As Chloe said, “I’ve never seen you wear so much jewelry before”, is exactly right! I went all out on this outfit. This silver buckle trend has got me hooked and it helped piece my top and bottom together wonderfully.

 You will be seeing a lot of sandals on the festival grounds. I chose these ladies because they are really comfy from their thick heel. The straps also helped accentuate my outfit.

Hands down this has become my new favorite outfit to wear because I feel like a quirky space fairy. Hell, I’m wearing this even if I wasn’t attending Coachella. Have you guys ever attended Coachella? I’ve only been to Coachella once and that was two years ago. If I went this year I would have wanted to see Banks, Father John Misty, and Oh Wonder. Whose a must see artist on the Coachella line up for you?

Pink Sheer Mesh Dress

This outfit is pretty different from your usual boho look that fill the grounds of Coachella.  I chose this pink mesh dress with a simple short and cami combo underneath. It’s pretty hot and dry in Indio, so it’s good to wear something lightweight and airy. I think it’s super important that your outfit is comfortable to wear so you could enjoy the music without any worries.

Clear Flat Framed Sunglasses

I don’t get the chance to wear these pink sunglasses too often since they’re such a funky pair. But since I had an ongoing pink theme, they paired nicely with my bubblegum pink mesh dress. I styled my hair with little buns and added other accessories like this classic 90’s tattoo choker and these pair of star confetti earrings.

Butterfly Backpack

When I saw this holographic butterfly backpack from Forever 21 I didn’t have to think twice about getting it. I thought this was SO CUTE and I currently prefer wearing backpacks instead of crossbody bags. Unfortunately, this backpack quickly sold out at Forever 21, but I was able to find a similar one on Aliexpress if you really want to get it. 😉

YRU Star Booties

I’ve seen these YRU booties EVERYWHERE when they first came out but they were WAY out of my budget. I recently went to the ZOOSHOO warehouse sale with Cindy and spotted these and got these without giving it a second thought. I thought these glittery holographic star booties would be such a great combo with this outfit but I wouldn’t actually wear these booties to Coachella. First tip of music festivals is to wear shoes that are comfortable and ones that you wouldn’t mind messing up. People are bound to step on your feet and your shoes will most like come out all dusty and dirty.

Are you guys going to any music festivals this year? We’d love to know! Seeya soon! 🙂

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    1. Chloe

      Hi Nina!

      Thanks so much! 🙂 It definitely was fun when we went 2 years ago. Wish we could have gone this year! Maybe next year! 🙂

    1. Chloe

      Hey Dymond!

      Awww! Thanks so much babe! 🙂

  1. Jack + Jenny

    I love the black and white outfit. The pink, not so much. But I’m much older than you and I’d look the fool. But I’m glad you can pull it off!


  2. Jalisa

    I think both your outfits and hair are perfect for Coachella, so cute and fun! Thanks for sharing and I hope you ladies are having a great week so far!



  3. Sarah

    Such cute styles! I think I would just look silly! LOL

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    Cute ideas! I really like the pink mesh dress – I don’t think I could pull it off, but you certainly do. 🙂


  5. Delphine

    Lovely funky outfits, have fun at Coachella!

  6. Amy Arnold

    These would be totally perfect for Coachella. I love it!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Bryanna

    Both of these outfits are just perfect! You got your boho classics, and your fun, festive pieces. Those star shoes are just magic! Love both of your inspirations, ladies!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  8. Lea

    The outfits look so great. I love the creativity!

  9. Christine Kong

    Both are amazing looks for Coachella. I haven’t gone before but I love that you guys are still showing off your styles. The boho skirt and those sandals are so on trend for Coachella but I also love that they are comfy. The pink sheer dress overlay is girly but also very unique and different from everything else I’ve seen. The backpack is too cute as well. xoxo, Christine

  10. Roxanne

    Such cute outfits! And perfect for a fun music festival! I’ve been to Lollapalooza in Chicago, but that was years ago! I wish I could go to Coachella!

  11. Chastity

    You ladies rocked Coachella style for sure. Loved both styles, very creative and bold.

  12. Sharon

    Cute outfits! My daughter and her friend actually did go to the first weekend!

  13. Winta

    those are wicked festival clothes! We watched Coachella via live Youtube stream this year. xD Free and relaxing, though if we had the tix, we would go in a heartbeat. lol.

  14. Kennedy Lazar

    What a cute idea! Coachella would be so fun just to dress up for!

  15. Ashley DTKAustin

    Oh my gosh, both of these looks are absolutely gorgeous!! I’m in love with that butterfly backpack!

  16. Glogeworld

    Omg! Am I the only one in love with these star bootie? You look gorgeous

  17. Alysa

    Yaaasss!!! Awesome festival style!!!

  18. Jade

    My favorite thing about Coachella is the fashions. Very boho-chic, which is my fav style.

  19. Sally

    I love both looks, and they look like fun!

  20. Lisanne

    I love the outfits! Especially the pink one. Coachella is such a dream! Have you ever been?

  21. Francesca

    Both of these looks are fun AF and I’m O B S E S S E D. I love the layered accessories in the first look and THOSE STAR PRINTED BOOTS!!!! ARE!!! TO!!! DIE!!! FOR!!! Both of you, style me for the rest of forever, plzzzzz.

  22. Erica

    These looks are fun with a capital F. Thanks for sharing! (Love the pink outfit, btw).

  23. Helen

    Both these outfits are so cute! I’m glad you were able to participate in festival fashion despite not attending Coachella this year. 😀


  24. Tyler

    Omg I love these looks! The coachella vibes are on point

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