Our Fourth of July Style

Fourth of July is around the corner, this means weather that feels like you’re walking around in the pits of hell, barbecues, and fireworks (which is basically setting your money on fire). I usually love July Fourth because of all the food (specifically chicken wings) but this year my family isn’t doing anything special 🙁 but I still might go out and have some fun regardless. What do you guys plan to do this Fourth of July?


Cindy here! So, I bought this red halter crisscross top to wear to the club, but then I realized I could wear it in any daily outfit. If you think that something is specifically for clubbing or casual wear, think again because you could change it up and wear it for any occasion, it really depends on how you pull an outfit together. The possibilities are endless. This top from Forever 21 has the perfect red to go with a Fourth of July theme. I then added some blue to my outfit with a navy skater skirt and finished it off with white accessories that include a heart studded belt, earrings, and white braided sandals. This outfit was definitely great for very hot temperatures since the top is very airy.


My top actually has double straps that run down my midriff. But since I wore my skirt this high, it looks like a bodysuit! What I love about this top, is that the straps are self tied, so you can tie them any way you want around your body. The material is also has the perfect thickness, so a bra is not required 🙂 I think a bra would actually be pretty hard to wear with this top without the bra showing, haha. This skirt is one of my go-to basic skirts. It is one of the basics sold at H&M and at a low price! The material is very good because I have worn and washed it several times and it is still good as new. I then put this whole outfit together with this skinny white belt from Charlotte Russe that I just love because of the little gold hearts that run along it!


Unfortunately, I don’t have too much red, white, and blue in my closet but I do have this navy midi tank dress from Forever 21. This dress was a total steal, only costing me about 12 bucks. It has definitely been one of my go-to for all my lazy days when it’s hot because of it’s a soft and stretchy material that makes it super comfortable and lightweight to wear. I really love how this dress fits and feels on my body.  I’ve worn it so many times that it’s already began to thin :(. This has become such a favorite dress of mines that I ended up going back to Forever 21 to get one in black, I even found one in maroon with a different neckline. Although this dress is so simple, I feel like it could easily be very dressy depending on the accessories you add on.

Recently, Cindy and I have dyed our hair hot pink, which has been so fun because both of us looove pink. A huge hassle about colored hair is that it’s continually fading, which we have to redo every so often. I’m thinking of dyeing it another color after this hot pink, what colors would you guys suggest us to do next?

So I decided to add to this outfit was a thin silver knocker choker from Forever 21. Plus, I got these new mirrored sunglasses from Forever 21 as well, this was my first time wearing these sunglasses out, so I was pretty excited. Since I basically don’t have anything red that would work with this outfit I borrowed these red rose earrings from Cindy, which she bought from Forever 21.


Recently, my mom gave me this new Kate Spade crossbody purse that she no longer wanted since it was way too small for her. This has been such a come up for me since I’m always looking at new bags since I’m a “crazy bag lady”. Nevertheless, I thought this bag was perfect for summer with it’s navy and white contrast because it really reminded me of nautical colors.


Lastly, I went with these new lace-up chunky heels I just ordered from Aliexpress, which was a great deal because they were only 14 bucks. Surprisingly, they were very comfortable and were great quality. I would definitely recommend these heels for any casual outfit. Since the heel height isn’t too high, it wasn’t painful to walk in at all.

Seeya next week!


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