Florals for Fall

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It’s been quite a while since we have posted! We have been super busy moving into our new home! Time has been going by super quickly. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and soon it’ll be the new year! Today I’m sharing with you a fun and simple look for Fall that includes florals! When we think of florals it’s usually perfect for Spring outfits, but I say screw any fashion rules and wear what you like! Fashion is about wearing things that express how you feel, so why shouldn’t we do that?

When I picked out this dress I really wanted a fun 70s vibes to go with it and at the same time make florals work for Fall. I think a way to really to make florals work for Fall is to include a dark color. I LOVE sticking to black or jeweled toned colors to make it have the Fall feel in a look. You can really wear any color you want any season but I love dark colors.

This has got to be one of my new favorite dresses for Fall. Of course, you can already guess… it’s from Forever 21, like seventy-five percent of my closet. It might be just a simple dress but the keyhole neckline along with all the cutout lining really jazzes up this dress. Plus, I can never get enough of bell sleeves, they’re just a fun detail for me! What are some small embellishments that you would never get tired of?

Chunky Hoops Earrings

Trends that I have been LOVING right now are cabby hats and hoop earrings which I really wanted to accessorize with. This cabby is actually borrowed from Cindy since the one I had just order did not arrive yet! I was never a huge hat person but it’s been fun trying out all these hat styles that have been trending! πŸ™‚


One thing I love wearing in Fall are BOOTIES! I can never get enough of booties! They’re so comfy to wear and they go so well with any look. I got these perforated chunky heeled booties a while back from Forever 21. I would definitely recommend wearing tights and a coat if this outfit is a little too light for your climate. So what did you think of this look? I’d love to know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

Seeya next week!


  1. So obsessed with those booties! Booties are a must have for the fall and winter in my opinion. I also love that dress; the flowers are so pretty and perfect for fall. I have been a massive fan of all things velvet this fall myself.

  2. I love this floral outfit, why? Because it has the darker background with floral. I am all for darker outfits that also look beautiful. This floral option for fall is perfect!

  3. i love your dress! and i think it looks so beautiful on you! Anyway, just saying hello all the way from the Philippines! I hope you can drop by my blog too and follow if you like. Have a wonderful day! πŸ™‚

    xoxo, rae

  4. I’m just like you and 70 % of my closet is also from Forever 21. With a little bit of Charlotte Rousse and TJ Max thrown in as well. I love this dress and those booties are so cute!

  5. That dress is beautiful and perfect for any time of the year. I love the boots and hat you styled it with. Very 70s alright. I would have to put some black winter tights with it as it is freezing over here in Ireland.

  6. Wow! you look so beautiful wearing that gorgeous Floral dress! I love your style and that cute boots is calling my name!

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