Finding My Sweet Summer Style

Asian Girl Blue Cut Out Summer Romper

Summer is in full swing and it seems like it’s already pass by so quickly! As usual, Summer in Los Angeles is nothing but hot dry heat throughout the day and nights turn relatively cool. My favorite style this Summer is sticking with something that’s flowy and cute. Finding the perfect Summer fabrics has become an essential to Summer wear.

To add to that cute and flirty Summer vibe, I accessorized with some simple clips. I’ve been seeing all types of clips this entire year. I really did not think this fun 90s trend would come back with a bang. I have to admit, accessorizing with clips is so fun. I like to mix it up with different colors or even different textures and playing it up with different beaded and sparkly rhinestone clips. 

Of course, I also paired this look with sunglasses from Yay Sunshine. I love the round shape and pink color. Finding a pair of unique shades can really make a outfit look bold. In this case, I feel that these shades really add to that fun and flirty vibe.

This romper has been one of my favorites this Summer because of the flowiness. I always try to not choose pieces that are too tight while it’s hot. 

I love that the sleeves give me ample breathing room and aren’t stuck to my arms, my armpits definitely need to breathe, lol. The bottoms are very flowy. Cindy thought it was a dress at first. 😀 More importantly, this romper is rayon, a very breathable fabric for the Summer. Definitely make note to just hang dry all your rayon pieces because they will shrink immensely! Other great fabrics to wear in the Summer is cotton and linen. Try to stay away from fabrics such as polyester in the Summer since it doesn’t absorb sweat and you’ll start feeling uncomfortable very quickly. 

So what are your favorite pieces  to wear in the Summer? If you know any other great fabrics or tips for the Summer, I’d definitely love to know! Thanks for sticking around to the end! 

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