Fifty Shades of Pink

Hey guys!

This week we’re sharing with you one of our favorite colors, pink! Going shopping for us is always hard because we have to resist buying things in all shades of pink. In fact we love pink so much, you might just call us the experts of pink. So take it from us, even if pink isn’t your color, keep reading to see how you can incorporate this unorthodox shade into your wardrobe. What is your favorite color? Leave us a comment below!



“On Wednesdays we wear pink!” This look totally reminds me of the lunch table scene from “Mean Girls” since we’re all in pink. Do you and your bestie love to match? We love to match and always happen to match each other by accident all the time (but we might just be that much in sync). But this time instead of matching with the exact same clothes we mixed it up a bit by matching with the same look and color scheme. We just wanted to inspire you to match with your bestie and mix it up a bit.

Dress 1


Don’t we totally look like bridesmaids straight out of a wedding reception?! If you need any bridesmaid for your wedding you know where to find us. Haha, just kidding! (sort of…contact our management about inquiries at [email protected]) We both got these dreamy blush off-the-shoulder dress from Forever 21, which we think would be great for any occasion. You could wear it casually or formally like we did. It’s really all in the small details and accessories that you decide to wear that can change the vibe of your outfit. We could have opted for flat sandals, midi rings, and a floppy hat to go for a beachy look, but we wanted to go for a more romantic look so we went with floral hair accessories which made us look bridesmaid ready. So don’t be afraid to play around with different accessories and styles.


For this look, I wanted to go for a look that was super luxe but still cute and girly. So to pull off the luxe feel I went with materials that had a silky or satin sheen to it.  Anything with a satin or silky sheen seems to be a super hot trend right now, I’m seeing a lot of velvet booties/pumps and silky cami dresses that I’m literally dying for.  Since we’re in Southern California, it’s pretty warm all year round, so I opted for some high rised cuffed denim shorts from Forever 21. This furry bunny backpack from Aliexpress happens to be one of my favorite backpacks because it’s fluffy and cute. Plus, it definitely adds a playful vibe to my outfit. Lastly, I wore my rose gold watch from Michael Kors and this really adds to the luxe with it’s sporty and shiny look.

IMG_6524 (1)

So in this look I decided to go with my silky baby pink “Moshi Moshi” tee (this means hello in Japanese) that I snagged from ZARA. This tee has everything I love combined into one: it’s silkiness, the baby pink color, and of course the little Moshi Moshi quote. I’m crazy about all things super cute and Japanese.


To complete my luxe look, I wore my velvet feather pom pom heels from Missguided. Velvet definitely gives off this beautiful shine to it that will make anything standout and the feathers are just another statement feature to these pair. Furry and feathery heels are definitely another huge trend for this upcoming season.


I chose my outfit based on these cute, strappy heels that I just got from our trip to San Francisco. I think pairing black with pink gives a more dark and seductive feel to the whole look. I also usually choose gold accessories with these pair of colors because it matches the warm tone of the pink.  I finished the outfit with a cute, thin waist belt to accentuate my waist and bring in the whole outfit together.

IMG_6560 (1)

The high lacing straps were perfect for this Forever 21 fishtail skirt that was more revealing in the front, which is perfect to showcase any statement heels you’ve got. This is the ideal heel height for me, around 3.5 inches, that I can comfortably handle all day. I would recommend to wear a heel height you’re comfortable walking in so you’re not walking around like an awkward duck. Practice makes perfect, so start with a lower heel and move your way up.


You may have noticed this by now but I like to add a little fuzzy-ness to every outfit and I swear I do this unconsciously. This neon pink crop top is from H&M. What totally sold me on this shirt was the “pretty please” line because it’s such a cute saying. Tops with funny quotes can be fun to wear and can sometimes be great conversation starters with random people. Of course I have to complete my outfit with my two favorite things: chokers and pom pom earrings.

IMG_6847 (1)

So when I originally bought this strappy crop top from Forever 21, what I first had in mind was a clubbing outfit. But then when I was looking for an outfit in my closet, I realized it didn’t have to specifically be for clubbing. This is the result I got! This outfit gives a very relaxed and beachy feel. One of my favorite trends lately is the little pom poms hanging on the hem of pieces. You can’t believe how inexpensive these pom pom shorts were. I got them from AliExpress for only FIVE BUCKS. And they come in several other patterns. I promise this isn’t sponsored haha. Most people think wearing white makes your outfit look very chic and formal. I proved that wrong. Don’t be afraid to try out new things!

Seeya next week!

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  1. Chris

    Blue is my favorite color

  2. You ladies definitely have some great style, I hope u do winter (it’s my fav season) , & my fav color is Navy blue, can’t wait to see when u ladies do fifty shades of blue! 😀

    1. Cindy

      That is a great idea! We’ll definitely do that in the future 🙂

    1. Chloe

      Aww! Thanks so much Sharon! 🙂

  3. Mikayla Kuehn

    OMG I am obsessed with these outfits!! You two nailed it! Those seashell bags and fluffy backpack are officially now added to my wish list ! xo

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