Exquisite Earth Elements

This week, we’re sharing with you the exquisite earth elements clay mask. This particular facial mask is made with ionic glacial oceanic clay which was formed millions of years ago. The clay is enriched by the sea and preserved in an isolated area in Canada.  This mask also boasts with multiple minerals and botanic essences to help and even out the skin to appear more balanced. What’s really important to us is that the ingredients aren’t filled with harsh chemicals that could do damage to your skin. It’s formulated without artificial perfumes, artificial colors, parabens, and other binding agents.



When we first opened the box, we thought the company did an amazing job on the packaging and design. The jewel like jar that holds the clay mask is shaped like diamond and all the faceted angles glimmer when any light hits it. The jar is definitely pretty enough to be kept even when we run out of the face mask itself. They even give you a tiny brush that helps you grab as much product as possible to apply to your face, which we love since you don’t need to get it all over your hands.


I swear that’s not snot coming down my nose 🙁 But I think my dog Princess wants some to get nice skin too!


Both of us really enjoyed using this mask on a weekly basis. We both applied a generous amount on our problem spots, within a matter of minutes it dried to a light gray color. The consistency of the mask was very thin and smooth, it wasn’t too watery or thick. The scent of the mask was pretty appealing, it was actually very refreshing and woodsy. We did feel a slight tingle sensation on our face, nothing too intense.  We thought that it definitely helped our pores the most. When we had the mask on, we could see a lot of the pore spots all over our face. This is probably where the clay mask settles in and does its magic. As a result, we both agreed that this mask helped tighten our skin, unclogged our pores, absorb excess oil, and even out our skin tone. Once we washed our faces, our skin felt so clean and soft. Compared to other masks that we have tried, this one definitely did the trick!

Seeya! 🙂


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