Electric Daisy Carnival 2016

Sorry for the delay on blog posts these past few weeks! We’ve both been busy finishing up school and then a few days after we left for Las Vegas to attend EDC! When we got to Vegas it wasn’t all too hot since the sun was just beginning to set. Since we had to wait for our friends to arrive, we were left with nothing to do. Cindy heard they were giving away something at the Emazing Lights pop-up store, so it was our mission to get there. It was quite a trek from Caesar’s Palace all the way to the Luxor. With 2 full yards of a Fat Tuesday and many other shots, it was a hell of a walk.


Here’s our first day at EDC, we went with a witchy/ all black theme. I went with pentagram pasties, a mesh keyhole halter, and a disco mesh skirt from iheartraves. This was my first time eveeeer wearing pasties. I didn’t feel self-conscious about my pasties till the two hour mark hit and it started to halfway fall off. Day 1 was great, on the top of my head we got to see LNY TNZ, Jauz, Party Favor, Ookay, and so many other people. I would definitely say I had the most energy on the first day since we just arrived. This was my 3rd year attending EDC, throughout the entire year I definitely did miss the atmosphere. It literally is a giant playground for adults, there are carnival rides, different stages that cater to different styles of EDM, and just tons of happy people. You definitely NEED to experience once in your lifetime to know exactly what I’m talking about.

IMG_7095Here’s our second day at EDC, we got here a little late, maybe arriving around 11 o’clock so it felt like it ended very early for us. This year was very different for us, we went with a group of friends but we all ended up splitting up when each group wanted to see certain DJs. One thing I’ve learned from attending EDC this year is that people are pretty crazy about group costumes. We went with a tropical theme and tons of people wanted to take pictures with us and some people even said aloha, haha. Most people usually dress in your typical rave wear, so getting more attention this year was a huge change for us. My favorite set on the 2nd days was Excision at the Basspod, he was going so hard that even one of the speakers caught on fire.



The third day is by far my favorite costume, we both dressed up as characters from Sailor Moon (Sorry, for the typical hazy bathroom selfie, it was basically all the photos we have). All of us actually stuck as a group, we even drove there together. By the end of the night I was dead tired. I couldn’t wait to get home really, I was sitting there at a stage and I could barely open my eyes, to make matters worst my contacts were super dry. Through the whole trip I had a really good time. I really don’t know how I lasted for three days.


Here’s one last picture of our partial group on day three sitting in front of the Cosmic Meadow. Excuse the shitty photo quality, it’s probably because it’s nighttime and all the smoke and lazers that are shooting everywhere.

Seeya there next year!

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