Edgy Black and White Lines

Hey guys! Cindy here! Today’s outfit is a teeeeny bit different from my usual looks. I based my whole look around this skirt I have on. When I saw this skirt, I was immediately attracted to it. I thought it was so cool and unique! This outfit is definitely on the edgier side. I also stayed monochromatic with my colors today. What do you guys think of my look? Looking at the photos now, I feel like this outfit was alright. Next time I wear this skirt, I might change up the other pieces.

I thought this Valfre choker matched with my skirt perfectly. The choker style is edgy, while the little fur ball gives it a girly feel like the flowyness of my skirt! And for my lips, I went with a bold red color. The only thing is, I’m not sure what other things I will wear with this choker. It is pretty difficult to match with, haha.

And here is the skirt! I actually got it on sale at a such a great price at Forever 21. There is shorts underneath, and having the slit cut out like that definitely makes this skirt very unique. I also love the buckles that are tied on top. If you look at the skirt from the other side, you would think my look is extremely girly because of a long pleated, white skirt. But if you see it at this angle as shown in the picture, it is totally edgy.

I kept it simple with a black leather bracelet from Chrome Hearts that displays their signature symbol on the band. It goes perfectly with the buckles of my skirt. I also kept everything matching with silver tones.

For shoes, I wore these caged sandals also from Forever 21. The heel height was not a bother at all thanks to how high the straps reached up, it gave me major support. The numerous straps make these babies a statement piece and contributed to my bold, edgy look.

Well, that about sums up my post! I want to hear your thoughts! Any suggestions on what I could change or add? Tellllll meee! haha. Look forward to Chloe’s turn soon! Byeeee <3


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  1. Love the skirt! Well put together outfit!

  2. Your outfit is edgy but cute! Love it!

  3. Such a fun outfit! I’m obsessed with those shoes too!

  4. The skirt! Oh my, I love this kind of style, you rock it!

  5. I’m OBSESSED with this look! The edgy details are incredible and the bold lip is just an added bonus. 🙂

  6. You can never go wrong with classic black and white 🙂

  7. I love how functional it is! Sometimes skirts can be hard to style, but you pulled it off so well!

  8. I like that the skirt is a mix of sweet and tough. I love your lip color the most, though!

  9. I absolutely love the choker and the shoes. I am scared of white clothing in fear of getting it dirty.

  10. Obsesssed with this outfit! Love those shoes and your awesome hair color!

  11. Love this- big fan of monochrome and your hair is gorgeous

  12. OMG! That skirt is soo cool. I love the buckle details! And that choker with the pom pom is so fun!

  13. I love the black and white outfit! It makes your hair so much more vibrant and gorgeous!

  14. Love it!

  15. This wear looks perfect! Lovely pictures as well <3

  16. Girl you work this outfit, I love it! This outfit would turn to night perfectly with a leather jacket or even a denim jacket. I love it, you pull it off so well!

  17. Love your hair!!

  18. I absolutely love this look girl. That skirt is so unique. And that choker is simply adorable. Great choices.

  19. Love love love this look! That skirt is awesome!

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