Double Date Adventure to Knott’s Berry Farm!

This week we’re sharing a FUN SUMMER post.  Usually we don’t know what to do during the Summer time, but this time we had something in mind. Both of us decided it would be a fun and cool experience for the Summer, so we went to Knott’s Berry Farm on a double date! It was definitely a fun experience to go to a theme park as best friends with our boyfriends, haha! If you live in the Orange County/Los Angeles area, you guys should definitely check out Knott’s Berry Farm.

On the weekend we went, it was about 100 degrees out, so we were going to get pretty sweaty. If you’re going in the Summer, don’t forget to put on a lot of sunscreen. Cindy was smart enough to bring an umbrella, which really helped keep us cool with shade wherever we went. Always wear shoes that are comfortable too because there are tons of long lines, which means a lot of walking and standing around.

Chloe here! My boyfriend remembered that there was this cool geode shop in the Ghost Town part of Knott’s. I’ve been obsessed with all types of rocks and minerals lately, so I wanted to check this place out and open a geode of my own! Getting a geode was pretty cool. You pick out your own rock and they’ll cut it open for you.

Man cutting geode rocks in half

Inside the shop, they had more cool and colorful rocks displayed. You can also purchase the ones you think are cute, and I also think they’re reasonably priced. 🙂

How cool are these bookends??

Chloe obviously has on a fake raccoon hat. And that’s obviously a fake gun.. haha!

To help quench our thirst, Chloe got a strawberry lemonade and I got a Knott’s special Icee flavor, boysenberry! Chloe’s drink took quite some time to make but that was because their lemonade was freshly made hand squeezed. It certainly tasted very fresh and refreshing!

Throughout the day, we went on a lot of fun roller coasters! My (Chloe) favorite one Silver Bullet. There was just so many loops and turns, definitely a must ride! Cindy’s favorite ride was the Pony Express! Everyone had their own pony to ride on, and those ponies certainly went SUPER fast!!

BOY did we get quite wet from the Bigfoot Rapids! But that wasn’t a problem when it was so hot out. We were quickly dried within a few minutes, hehe.

Whenever we go to amusement parks we never miss the swing ride, haha! This is another favorite that we always look forward to going on!

Knott’s funnel cake did not disappoint! We had to get the special boysenberry flavor of course! Haha. I would’ve gotten a boysenberry soft serve too if I wasn’t so full lol. The funnel cake was very crisp and went perfectly with the ice cream. I guess we made it look so good while eating it because a lot of people were asking where we got it when the shop was just right in front of us, haha!

Well, it was a fun day. We ended the day by getting some chicken and beer, like the Korean way, at Love Letter. Everything was very satisfying, fun level and food level. We are looking forward to more places to go for double dates. I can’t wait! Can you guys suggest some places we can try for all four of us? We would appreciate it! <3

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  1. A

    looks really fun!

  2. Olivia

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! That funnel cake looks delicious.

  3. Kayla G

    That looks like so much fun. I haven’t been there since I was a kid. That funnel cake looks to die for!

  4. Juliet Ly

    Aw that looks so fun! Thanks for sharing your day with us! And that funnel cake looks delicious!

  5. Janey

    I simply adore Knott’s Berry Farm! So much so I dedicated an entire section of my blog to it! It looks like you had so much fun, and I actually spy one of my friends in your photos, the man at the Geode Shop!


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