Don’t Look Back – Black & Blue

It’s starting to get a lot colder in here in Los Angeles, so it’s time to bring out those Winter coats to stay cozy! I recently got this large blue coat from Forever 21 on Black Friday. I saw it in stores but it was way out of my budget, so I was super happy when it went on sale!

When I saw this jacket, I definitely thought it was a statement piece with its powdery blue color, fun patches, and faux shearling exterior. What really sold me on this coat was the large and slouchy structure. I’ve been wearing this jacket almost every day when I got it and it hasn’t failed to keep me warm. What type of coats are you favorite?

Since I wanted this coat to stand out the most, I went with an all black ensemble. When I saw this black faux fur purse from Forever 21 I had to have it since it was really fluffy and wearable with almost anything. In the past, anything that was furry was not my style preference at all. Now that I look back on it my style has definitely changed drastically. I am glad to have tried something that I didn’t think I would ever like or wear.

Don’t Look Back

This coats makes it more unique with it’s saying “DON’T LOOK BACK,” which could have multiple meanings. The situation for me is that whenever I look back, my boyfriend always makes fun of me for it :P. Or maybe we just don’t need to look back on 2016, hah!

Inside, I wore this silky black romper from Aliexpress, along with a caged bralette from PINK since it has a nice plunging neckline. I love that there are all types of bralettes with so many different cutouts because they add some type of flare and definition to your outfit, depending on their cuts.

Lastly, I chose to wear my babygirl embroidered choker, also from Forever 21. This choker really stuck out to me because of the “babygirl.” Which I thought was pretty funny and cute! What are some of your favorite quirky pieces in your closet? Share in the comment section below!

Seeya next week! xx


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    1. Chloe

      Thanks so much Keighla! 🙂

    1. Chloe

      Thanks so muchm, Molly! 🙂

    1. Chloe

      Thanks so much, Kathryn! 🙂 Yesss, so obsessed with everything silky right now!

  1. Emily

    This look is so cute on you!

  2. Jade

    Super cute coat and choker.

  3. heidi

    I love that jacket! Forever 21 is such a great store and great prices. I didn’t think it got cold enough for a coat in Cali.

  4. Cait

    love this style girl and love the hair! you’re rockin’ it chloe!

  5. Jodie Marie

    That coat is so pretty! I love the slogan back and how it looks with your hair <3

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