DEZZAL + Fun In The Closet!

We are so glad to have collabed with DEZZAL! They have endless amounts of chic clothes from countless fresh designers. The styles varied from conservative, to flashy, and formal. It was a very tough choice for both of us, but these were the pieces we have decided on. Hope you love them as much as we do!  img_7398


If you haven’t noticed yet, pins and patches for decorating your clothes and bags is huge trend that’s bringing us back to the nineties! So, when I spotted this blush motorcycle jacket adorned with the cutest little pins, I  was already sold. Since, I recently dyed my hair purple I wanted to go for a fun and edgy look that complimented this jacket. I could have gone for a cuter look by choosing a casual dress along with some booties. Instead, I went with my satin ruffle romper that I ordered from Aliexpress and these bad ass patent leather perspex booties from Lolashoetique.


This moto jacket is my new current favorite for this Fall! Still obsessed with these little pins and really loving the blush color. Blush might not be a dark and rich color that many see that’s suitable for the fall, but we love mixing it up! This jacket definitely kept me warm when it turned chilly at night which is a must of course. What I really love about this jacket is that this faux leather is super soft and seems to be made from a good material. You can definitely tell the difference when you get faux leather jackets and the material has this tough plastic feel to it along with a shiny sheen. With my long time love for motorcycle jackets, I feel like the shiny sheen really cheapens the look and feel of the jacket. So, keep that in mind when you’re on the hunt for your next leather jacket.


I have been seeking a denim piece for quite a while but opted for this chambray dress instead. I like wearing denim, but one of my biggest dislikes for the material is that it is very stiff and  uncomfortable to move in. Chambray gives off the same look that denim does but it’s a much softer material. However, this dress is cut from a thicker chambray material than the usual thin and airy material used for dresses, so it is safe to wear in cooler temperatures. Since this dress reaches mid-calf, I wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum and not clog up my look. I wore a thin strapped choker to match my shoes and give some character to my outfit by having that strappy accent. I finished off with these classic ankle strapped chunky heeled sandals to elongate my legs and give more height to myself since this dress almost reached my ankles making me look very short.


Besides loving this material, I was drawn to the off-the-shoulder style of this dress. I am always attracted to pieces that do not have basic styles. The frill around the chest and arms gave a cute definition to the dress and makes it unique from the usual spaghetti strapped dress you find everywhere. This dress also has something great to it… POCKETS! When I find rompers or dresses that have pockets, I think its a 10 point bonus for the piece. Pockets are so so so necessary. I like to keep my cellphone in pockets instead of purses so I can feel that I have it and also immediately take it out for some food pictures. Pockets are also good to put your hands in and look cool strolling… Or you know, the conventional “keep your hands warm” thing, haha.

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  1. Dominique

    Love Dezzal SO MUCH! Love those lucite heels too! Looking good, girlies!

    1. Chloe

      Hehe! Thanks so much, Dominique! 🙂 Super obsessed with these booties lately!

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