So I know this outfit seems very plain and basic compared to my usual stuff. But I was looking for something soft and loose fitting so I can move comfortably with my crutches, but also pieces that were warm to accommodate to the weather. I must say, finding outfits to wear with my cast is a challenge! I pretty much based this outfit around these culottes I got on.


So, I have been wearing a lot of skirts lately because of my cast…the cons of skinny jeans and leggings :(. But its getting colder now so I couldn’t always wear just skirts. I finally found these culottes I have been eyeing from Forever 21‘s Black Friday sale! They were 8 bucks, what a steal!! Culottes are pants that end right below the knee and have a full leg cut at the ends. These pair are faux suede, so they are soft and warm for the chilly winter days. My outfit was completed with these cute Sugar ankle booties. I am in love with the shape of these boots. They are not too pointy toed and hug every curve of your feet. I think it is a very nice shape for shoes, as weird as that sounds haha!


I went very minimal with my accessories this time since I don’t think statement pieces would go well with this outfit :P. The only accessory I have on is this heart cutout choker set from Forever 21. And this blouse is from Charlotte Russe, if any of you guys remember that brand. Excuse all the lint on my top, my dogs were climbing all over me before I had this photo shoot haha. Well, that’s all for now! I will try to be more creative with my outfits now that I have a disability (literally).

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    1. Cindy

      Aww that means so much to me. Thanks for the love Kandja! 🙂

  1. Sofia

    These are so cute! Love your style.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks for the love Sofia! <3

    1. Cindy

      thanks Sharon! The pants are definitely comfy 🙂

    1. Cindy

      right?? I had to grab it! ;P

    1. Cindy

      yay!! I’m glad you found us!! <3

    1. Cindy

      they are soooo comfy! 🙂

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