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Summertime Crops

Here’s one of my favorite crop tops from Forever 21! I love to use this one from everything from Coachella to day to day use. I am always a sucker

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Basic Street Fashion

yoooo wassup!! Cindawg here and I goin to be tellin yall how to dress all gangsta like me. ….. Okay okay, I’ll stop now 😛 But I am still going

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My Go-to Summer Romper

Another days means another day to wear a different romper. 🙂 Eventually you’ll see all the jumpsuits and rompers that are hiding in my closet. This halter floral romper with tassels

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My Romper Obsession

If you know me well, rompers are one of my favorite pieces to wear because I’m a lazy motherfucker. When I’m being lazy (which is most of the time) or

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Trying Out a New Style – Contemporary

This week I decided to try something very new for me by going contemporary.  If you’re questioning yourself about what contemporary even is, contemporary fashion is any outfit which exhibits a new or

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