Casually Battling the Summer Heat

It’s been especially hot here in Southern California and even hotter with all the wildfires going on here. In the midst of this heat fueled summer, we are both on the hunt for hangout spots with air conditioning, since this luxurious cooling system is not available in our home. So, here we are just hanging out at the mall and shopping to our hearts content. 🙂

So on this hot summer day, I went with this red floral maxi dress that my mom bought for me from American Rag. This dress is definitely one of my summer favorites because of its fun print. I  remember that I went shopping with mom and I ended up being really obsessed  with this dress, but it was a bit too expensive for us. So, my mom said not to get it and we left.  A few days later, I came home to find that my mom ended up helping me get it, which was very sweet of her. I love this dress because of this memory of my mom and it makes me feel like a floral princess, especially with the long ruffled bottom at the hem of the dress. What it so great about this dress is that I feel like it could be dressed casually or formally. It’s all about how you work the accessories.


Since I’m just casually shopping around the mall, I went with a very simple look. The print of this dress is already very busy, so I don’t want to overdo it with too many accessories and make this entire outfit clash into a giant mess. All I added was this gold filigree choker from Forever 21 and completed with my tan suede flats from H&M.


Like Chloe, I also wanted to wear something comfortable to the mall since us girls spend so much time there shopping. I opted for something comfortable but also something that you don’t usually wear out running errands. When high slit tops first came out, I thought they were so weird and never imagined me wearing a piece. Then I was inspired by a mannequin that wore shorts paired with this Forever 21 top and I thought, “Wow, it actually looks pretty good.” Don’t these flats match the top so well with the crisscross? 🙂


For accessories, I wanted all silver pieces. I thought my Forever 21 watch would go well with the modern and chic theme of my outfit. I’ve been so obsessed with the latest trend of flat sunglasses. These sunglasses from a random shop at school are one of my current favorites because the lenses are flat and also mirrored (I can easily people watch ;)). And then I finished my look with a deep solid red lipstick from Rimmel because I think it is a very mature color that fits my outfit and also matches my hair (Plus, the red stands out from all the cool toned colors of my outfit).

Seeya next week!

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