Boho Babes for Fall Transitions

We haven’t had a twinning post in a while, so here’s the laest update on our twinning looks! Fall is coming very soon, but the temperatures here in Los Angeles are still very warm. Today, we are both styling this faux suede dress from BCBGeneration. Our dresses have the same design, but we both ended up choosing different colors. Get ready to see some boho babes! 😉

This dress seems to be my favorite dress as of late, because it reminds me of the suede Pocahantas dress I wore when I was a kid.  The faux suede is super soft and comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s easy to wear for something casual or dressy, all depending on how you accessorize the look. When the temperatures are lower, I’d style this with a a turtle neck underneath with some cute booties.  Since it’s pretty hot, I do not like wearing a bra when I don’t need to. How do you guy’s feel about this? Do you guys always wear a bra when you go out? I’d love to know in the comments below! 🙂

Since I wanted the whole look to be cohesively boho, I went with both my dream catcher accessories from Forever 21. I love the iridescent stones on the earrings. I’ve been pretty obsessed with dream catchers lately. I want to find an intricate suede one for my room but haven’t found the perfect one yet!

Splatter in Lily Grey

Of course, I had to wear my suede braided, chunky cutout heels from Poetic Licence since they had suede details as well. I also really love the cutout heels. I’ve never had a heel like this before, so I though this was such a unique feature. If you’re a girl who LOVES a good statement shoe with a fun and vintage feel to them, then you need to check Poetic Licence out. 🙂

And now here’s my take on this gorgeous BCBGeneration dress! I chose this soft taupe color, a change in style to my usual bright colored dresses. I agree that this dress is very comfortable and oh so soft. I think it is suitable in cooler temperatures too because of the soft suede material and it actually keeps us pretty warm.

I usually go for a choker, but this time I decided to go with a giant statement necklace with small silver medallions. Today, I felt like my neck area was very bare and this necklace was the perfect addition for a boho look.

Deciding to keep going on the comfort train (haha get it??), I went with classic black, chunky heels. They’re about 0.5 to an inch so they’re super comfy. I could probably wear these babies the whole day and still be fine.

We hope you loved both our takes on this lovely dress this week! 🙂

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  1. Holly

    Such lovely outfits! You both are so classy and cool.

    Holly x

  2. Megan

    I love these faux suede dresses! So perfect for fall and you can so much fun accessorizing with them!

  3. zahra

    Absolutely loved that little brown dress. looks great on you too.

  4. Raquel

    YESS love these outfits! Makes me so ready for the fall. Great blog

  5. Tsukiakari

    Hi! Great post and I love your photos!
    Can you follow me? I follow you. 😉

    Have a lovely day!
    Tsukiakari from

  6. Francesca

    I’m in looooove with the neutral shades of those dresses! You’re both rocking them 🙂

  7. Jasmine

    You are both so gorgeous and I love how you have both have given different takes on the dress and it suits you so well!

  8. Glam FashionCat

    Perfect post. Dresses are beautiful.

  9. Leigh

    Not usually a boho gal, but you two look so cute, I may just have to try it out!!

  10. Alyssa

    I love both your dresses, so minimalist and effortlessly chic 🙂

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  11. Lakesha

    Wish I had a twin! You two are super cute!

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