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Our Rocksbox Review

      This week Rocksbox reached out to us to try out their designer jewelry subscription service. We went ahead and first took Rocksbox’s style test to see what jewelry

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My Romper Obsession

If you know me well, rompers are one of my favorite pieces to wear because I’m a lazy motherfucker. When I’m being lazy (which is most of the time) or

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Coachella Commandments to Live by

Coachella is right around the corner, which means you’ll be seeing a barrage of boho outfits. So let’s bring out those flowy skirts, fringy pieces,  detailed embroideries, and flat sandals.

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Trying Out a New Style – Contemporary

This week I decided to try something very new for me by going contemporary.  If you’re questioning yourself about what contemporary even is, contemporary fashion is any outfit which exhibits a new or

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Valentine’s Day Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen! We welcome you to tonight’s epicenter of the fashion world for the featured bout of the evening! SO LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! On the left side

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Sequin Twins

It’s been pretty chilly here in California, definitely a change here with El Niño and all the stormy weather that has been hitting us lately. Both of us have been

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