All Black on a Hot Summers Day!

It’s been hitting 100 degrees almost every single day but I still chose to wear black because it’s one of my favorite colors. Pink or black? This is my constant million dollar question. Black is such a classic color, never failing to make me feel like a bad ass. I chose this simple front zippered black dress from Forever 21 to wear because dresses are always my go-to especially when it’s super hot. I love feeling super airy especially when it’s blazing hot.


Anything with studs are one of my favorite embellishments, so I threw on this little black crossbody from Steve Madden. This crossbody was such a steal costing me only $5 since I picked it up at my local Goodwill. You never really know when you go to thrift stores, there could always be great finds. It’s always an adventure and a mystery whenever I visit.

I wanted to keep this outfit very simple and not overdo the accessories since it was so hot. I really hate getting sweaty all over and with so much jewelry on it makes everything else one hundred times more sweaty. Instead of wearing a necklace  or any other type of accessory that’s laid on your body, I went with these dream catcher earrings from Forever 21. I love that they’re lightweight and that the dangle isn’t too dramatic or heavy. Since it’s sunny, having a pair of sunnies are essential, so I went with my sunflower round shades also from Forever 21.


It’s studs and spikes galore! These spiked sandals from Forever 21 are by far my FAVORITE sandals that I own. I love the what a statement they are, definitely eye-catching!


This was the highlight of the day for me. Since it was extremely hot, I went out for some shaved ice at this Korean dessert place in Rowland Heights called Cocohodo. It really hit the sweet spot for me! I have an extra stomach for dessert.  🙂

Seeya on the flipside.

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