Basic Street Fashion

yoooo wassup!! Cindawg here and I goin to be tellin yall how to dress all gangsta like me.


Okay okay, I’ll stop now 😛

But I am still going to tell you guys about how to easily achieve that street style look. The pieces I will touch upon are the basics you can put together or contribute to your outfit. Street fashion is often seen in urban centers, so what comes to my mind first when I think of “street” and “urban” is denim and sneakers.

street style 3

Chucks are what I think the most basic sneakers to use for an urban outfit like this. They simplify and go well with any outfit because of its simple design. They also bring this tomboyish image because it lacks any girly features, which is what we’re trying to go at for a street look. These Chucks paired perfectly with my jersey top from Forever 21 because of the black and white colors and simple lines.

street style 2

Some people are gonna associate this jersey top either with baseball or bowling. But either way, this top gives off an urban feel especially when paired with some denim. You can wear this top like how I did, buttoned up, or you can leave it open and wear a cami under. Another way to use this top is as a short sleeved outerwear. The material for this jersey is cozy enough as a single layer or as an outerwear.

I really liked these pair of distressed boyfriend jeans also from Forever 21 because they give off a more casual and comfortable feel because of their loose fit. I also wore these jeans because of the light color to balance the darkness of my top and shoes. street style 4

Seeya next week!

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  1. Arielle W

    Super cool outfit. Simple and still dope af.

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