Bag Me Baby: “Finding a Fun and Funky Purse for Your Style”

This week we are sharing with you you guys our picks from Bag Me Baby! Get to the end of this post and you’ll find out some exciting news! If you never heard of Baby Me Baby before, you should definitely check them out. They carry a collection of purses in all types of shapes. We think what really makes them unique is that it’s never just a regular bag with simple colors, the shapes and textures are so different and fun!

Hehe, and of course both of us ended up with something pink and cute!

Donut Cross Me Purse

I definitely cannot have enough purses. Funny thing is, I don’t really like donuts! LOL. But I think the print is so fun and cute. And then seeing this bag in a shape of a donut? AND PINK? I. must. have. it!!! So now, as you can see, I have it hehe. It is a fairly big donut shape, so there is quite some room inside. The material was actually what amazed me. The material and structure of the bag feels very sturdy and of good quality. Usually fun looking bags don’t last long. But I’ll be having this for awhile! 🙂

Plush Holographic Duffel Bag

I can never get tired of a good old fluffy holographic bag in pink! When I saw this duffel I knew I had to get it, just feeling the texture and looking at the color makes me happy! This bag can really store a lot. It has been GREAT when I go on small weekend trips. It fits enough for a few days worth of clothing and all the essentials that I need. This duffel also comes with a pink holographic strap that you’ll be able to clip on or take off whenever you like. The fluffy texture and holographic accents are what really makes this bag stand out. It’s really eye catching. With this duffel, you’ll really be traveling in style where ever you go!

Baby Me Baby was kind enough to let us give away any bag for free! Check out our Instagram post HERE to see the full details of how you can enter!

Thanks for reading! Seeya soon!

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  1. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    OMG, I love the donut one! Fun purses are the best. I like Danielle Nicole because they have Harry Potter and Disney themed bags.

  2. KC

    I’ve been looking for a fun weekender bag. The pink duffle is awesome!


  3. Lisa

    You are both adorable and those bags are to DIE for!!!

  4. Juliana

    I love that donut bag. I enjoy using fun purses like that once in a while because they’re such the statement piece! They also add so much to an outfit.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

  5. Gwen

    Everybody needs a donut purse! I have way too many purses but still will never have enough. Life is a contradiction 🙂

  6. Flo

    Love these bags! The duffle bag is my favorite, super cute.

  7. Daisy

    Wow I love the donut bag! Definitely have to find some fun unique bags to add to my look!

  8. Emma

    Such a lovely style pairing! Beautiful girlies

  9. Valerie

    Love these novelty bags – so cute! I would def pick something in pink too!

  10. Jessica

    These handbags are so fun! LOVE this photoshoot 🙂
    Thank you for always stopping by! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  11. Pam

    Those are very cute! My daughter and I saw some fluffy bags when we were shopping a few weeks ago.

  12. Casey the College Celiac

    That donut purse is ridiculously cute!!

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