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Soft Urban Feels

It’s already Spring, but why do I find some days still so, so cold??? I dislike wearing pants, so I try to wear skirts or dresses as much as possible.

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Mixing Colors: Brown & Black

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard stuff before about mixing colors, “Don’t mix silver and gold” or “You can’t wear brown and black together”. But now I am going to tell

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Culottes Cut Curtly

So I know this outfit seems very plain and basic compared to my usual stuff. But I was looking for something soft and loose fitting so I can move comfortably

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The Debut of One Legged Cindy

Hahahahahahahah….. so long story but kinda not really, I got into an accident. A skateboarding accident :(. I was trying to take this hill, but I was going too fast

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Summertime Crops

Here’s one of my favorite crop tops from Forever 21! I love to use this one from everything from Coachella to day to day use. I am always a sucker

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Basic Street Fashion

yoooo wassup!! Cindawg here and I goin to be tellin yall how to dress all gangsta like me. ….. Okay okay, I’ll stop now 😛 But I am still going

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