AUrate – “Finding Fine Jewelry at Affordable Prices”

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Wasssssssup guys! We got something new to show all of y’all. This here, is a fine jewelry brand called AUrate. What makes AUrate stand out among other brands are both the classic and statement styles they carry at very affordable prices. Thinkin’ what an interesting name huh? It’s pronounced “or-rate.” The AU stands for the chemical element gold. And of course, “rate” stands for the amazing prices you can get many of the jewelry for. Check out the pieces that we picked out!

We were both already in love with the product right from the start. From the box it came in, to the delicate bags holding the jewelry, Chloe and I could not love these anymore cus of the perfect blush pink colors they came in. πŸ™‚ Inside the main box, held a few soft, light pink, suede flap bags. Just from the looks, we can tell the jewelry were protected safely inside. We both agreed that they put a lot of thought and time into their packaging.

Circle Necklace in Rose Gold

You should know by now, both of us LOVE to wear matching pieces. We wanted to find a timeless and minimalistic piece that would go well with any outfit. Dainty and small pieces are what we currently often go to. This circle necklace was just one of those right pieces.

Now the necklace might seem a bit gold here, but if you look at the other photos it is clearly rose gold. Not saying this necklace looks bad in gold though! It comes in colors rose gold, gold, and silver!

White Ball Studs

I love how Chloe styled these studs here! She wore them from small to big, reminds me of stars! Who says ball studs look boring? This kind of style adds that bit of edginess if you are looking for that. πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much toΒ AUrate for introducing to us these beautiful pieces. We would never have known! You guys should definitely check them out. They also have FREE shipping and FREE returns! That is a huge plus for us, since we usually do not like to have to pay for shipping, haha! Hope to share more with you guys soon! <3


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