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We're Chloe & Cindy

We’re just living life with as much as pink as possible and trying out one quirky look one day at a time. We’re here to share with you our funky and experimental fashion and beauty journey to inspire others to try out all the new trends out there and incorporate those fun pieces into a your closet.


Our Blog

Fun In The Closet covers everything on fashion, beauty, and all of our crazy adventures.

Most importantly, our blog’s focus is on being experimental with your look and to not be afraid of trying out new styles. It’s fun to keep a open mind on testing the waters of new fashion and beauty trends that are changing every day.

We we believe that switching up our looks instead of sticking to a prescribed style and breaking the “rules” of fashion is what makes fashion fun.

Two Best Friends

From beautiful Los Angeles, California

We LOVE Matching!

How else would you know we were best friends?! Although we have different body shapes, we show you how to make ANY look work.

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